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FacialThe Facts & Benefits of Adding Dermaplaning with Your Facial

The Facts & Benefits of Adding Dermaplaning with Your Facial

Facials are wonderful for your skin, no matter what type or concern you have. It boosts the health of your skin, it clears out your pores and helps battle those pesky wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. But what if there was a way to achieve even better results from your facial? Something that boosts your skin’s response to facials and skin care products? Well, it’s called dermaplaning and you need to know about it and why every facial you get should include it. Not only will your skin thank you, you will thank yourself for having envious, radiant, and healthy skin unlike any other!

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a type of facial treatment in which your aesthetician uses a surgical scalpel (don’t worry, it’s totally safe and actually amazing once you know about it) to gently scrape the surface of your skin. What it does is remove dead skin cells and take the peach fuzz on your face away – this then allows for better absorption of skin care products. Not only does it clear up any excess dead skin that could clog your pores, it’s a glow radiance superstar!

Removing the microscopic hairs on your face and clearing out your pores is the dermaplaning form of exfoliation that cannot be achieved by any other type of facial. Plus, no longer having peach fuzz on your face will show you an incredible difference in how your makeup looks! No more prominent hairs contrasting against your foundation or setting powder. Your face will be so soft and smooth while also benefiting from products far more than ever before. Have no fear though, for when it grows back (as all body hair does), it does not grow thicker or darker from the scalpel, but the same as it normally does.

While it may seem frightening to receive a facial that includes a scalpel, there is no recovery time as part of it and only a slight redness may occur from it, nothing more, however! Like any facial, wearing SPF afterward is ideal to protect your bare skin from UV rays. It really is the best of both worlds in that your facial will have a higher effect on your skin, but that it also will benefit your daily skin care routine, makeup application, and keep your pores from getting congested.

It is a painless facial and very relaxing, as many of Botanica’s facials include dermaplaning as part of it for excellent benefits. Any skin type can receive dermaplaning, except for heavy acne prone skin with cyst bumps or pimples as this could nick them or create more inflammation/irritation. After your first dermaplaning, you won’t go back because of how different and better your skin will react to skin care. With dermaplaning, your skin is smoother, brighter, glowing and unleashes youthful results that you will love and receive endless compliments on!

Dermaplaning at Botanica Day Spa

As previously stated, most Botanica facials include dermaplaning already. However, there is a full dermaplaning facial option that focuses on the incredible benefits from it. Who doesn’t want a bright, glowing complexion? Our professional aestheticians are trained to perform this facial and loves the results for each client they work with. It truly allows for more absorption of skin care products, which is terrific since the more a product works, the better your skin will look!

As facial hair grows back, it is recommended that dermaplaning is done every four weeks to keep the results spectacular. We personally love adding a facial booster to dermaplaning for an extra punch of wonder to your skin! For a relaxing and beneficial facial, try dermaplaning and you won’t regret it. Book your appointment online or call us at 727-441-1711. For your first time, try one of Botanica’s wonderful facials that includes dermaplaning to see the glowing results before you become truly hooked!



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