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Body TreatmentsReduce Holiday Bloating in Time for the New Year

Reduce Holiday Bloating in Time for the New Year

Sweets, starches, splurging, oh my! The holiday season is one of the main times when your body experiences heavy bloating and extra numbers on the scale. It’s not something any of us like to accept as a result of Christmas or any holiday that offers guilty meals and indulgent treats. It’s not about worrying about what you’ve already eaten, it’s how you help clean out your body now.


There is an actual difference between feeling bloated and having physical bloating. When you feel bloated, it is mostly from retaining too much water in your system. Retaining water creates a very intense sensation of bloating without the show on your figure. Flushing out the retention with teas known to reduce bloating can help with this and drinking lemon water. Physical bloating that you can see and notice in the way your clothes fit comes from too much eating and remaining in your digestive system for longer than normal.

When the bloating effects the scale, it’s not just about exercise and dieting that will reduce it. Bloating comes not just from gaining weight, but digestive problems that need attention to help relieve the issue. Of course, there are ways to ease and avoid bloating, such as:

·        Not eating too much in one sitting, which can make your stomach expand too much and cause quite a bit of discomfort and “food baby” bellies.

·        Check for food allergies like lactose or gluten intolerance as these can increase bloating because of the inability of your body not being able to digest and break down these foods.

·        Reducing the amount of fiber and gases you eat or inhale (and by inhale, I mean from drinking through straws or other types that cause you to swallow a lot of air).

·        Take digestive enzymes before and after you eat to help your body break down food faster.

·        Consider taking daily probiotics to help defend and build up your digestive system.

When you have severe bloating, however, there are other options to help reduce it physically. These are wonderful solutions to implement on a day to day basis, though various treatments are available for more immediate relief.


One of the great benefits of a spa is when they offer detoxifying spa treatments! We use an infrared blanket with our body treatments, which has incredible benefits, which include detoxifying, better circulation, pain relief, lowers blood pressure, rejuvenates the skin, boosts immune system strength, muscle relief and more.

Another detoxifying spa treatment offered here is our Lipo Slimming treatment. This is a highly concentrated blend of all natural essential oils combined with heat to promote detoxification. The essential oils are used for adipose (meaning fat) reduction and cellulite elimination and are highly beneficial to any weight loss program. This treatment is best done as a series for maximum results as many treatments are not a one-time “miracle”.

Botanica Day Spa has wonderful specials and a membership offer that could become your very best friend! Call today to make an appointment and head back to work looking beautiful and confident after the long holiday season! We love to help all of our clients feel amazing when they visit us.



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