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spa etiquette

Spa Etiquette: What You Need to Know for Your Next Visit

When we’re young, we’re taught how to act appropriately at a restaurant and how to properly tip our server. And while there are many other manners and behaviors we learn throughout our lives, many of us don’t get the chance to see the inside of a day spa until we’re old enough to plan our own girl’s days or decide it’s time we get professional help with our skin. Whether you’re prepping for your first massage or facial, you may not know exactly what to expect once you arrive for your appointment. Here is everything you need to know for your perfect day at the spa.

Appointment Preparation

It’s best to arrive for your appointment about 15 minutes early, especially if you’re a first-timer, as you will need to fill out the proper paperwork prior to your treatment. If you’re getting a service that is meant to help you unwind and give you some much-needed “me time”, then it’s recommended that you do not bring children along. If you can’t live without your phone, like many people, please make sure it is turned on silent so it will not be disruptive.

Clothing Removal and Talking

Obviously, some services like waxing or massage will require you take off some of your clothing. If you’re not too keen on getting more naked than necessary, here are some clothing guidelines:

•    Facial – Remove all clothing from the waist up
•    Massage – You may leave your underwear on for added comfort
•    Brazilian Wax – Remove both pants and underwear
•    All jewelry should be removed prior to your appointment

Maybe you love to gab during your appointment, or maybe you prefer to relax in calming silence. Whatever your preference, your massage therapist or facial technician will be glad to accommodate you. During a massage, if you find that you need a change in pressure, always communicate that to your therapist; however, a good therapist should always check in with you to make sure you are satisfied with the pressure that is being used.

Tipping 101

Tipping can be an uncomfortable subject. You may be too embarrassed to ask what the standard tipping rate is. While you should never be forced to tip at a spa, if you enjoyed your treatment, it’s always encouraged that you tip 20%.

Now that you got the lowdown on spa etiquette, make an appointment today for one of your favorite services and try out your new spa knowledge!



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