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MassageThe Damage Desk Jobs Have on Your Body (And How the Spa Can Help!)

The Damage Desk Jobs Have on Your Body (And How the Spa Can Help!)

It’s an unfortunate fact that along with advancements in technology there has been an increase in jobs which require individuals to sit for long periods of time. Our bodies are made to move, twist and bend, so prolonged sitting each day, every day, over many weeks, months and years can cause physical damage that is uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Fortunately, if you understand what damage can be caused by desk jobs, you can do something to help prevent and resolve it.

The Damage Caused by Desk Jobs

Desk jobs can have a long-term damaging effect on your entire spinal column. Leaning back in an upright chair for long periods of time means that the muscles you would normally use to support your spine will disengage and eventually weaken from disuse. Leaning forward for long periods of time usually leads to slouching, which will cut off the normal, healthy flow of blood that moves into and out of the soft discs between the spinal vertebrae. This can cause collagen to harden around ligaments, reducing range of motion and physical comfort. Furthermore, leaning forward can cause the cervical vertebrae at the top of the spinal column to stack in an unnatural position, which stresses and strains all the surrounding muscles and ligaments. This helps to explain why individuals who sit for long periods of time on a regular basis tend to experience neck and back discomfort and pain.

Another thing to consider is the leg damage caused by constantly sitting. When you sit, the electrical activity in your legs stops and your blood circulation to your legs slows down. If this happens on a regular basis, as in those who have desk jobs, it can result in unsightly varicose veins and even deep vein thrombosis.

If you have a desk job, participating in regular exercises like walking, jogging or running can help put sufficient pressure on your bones and keep them strong. You can also help to prevent and resolve physical damage by visiting the spa.

A professional massage treatment that focuses on moving the neck, shoulders, back, hands, arms, and legs can work well to counter some of the stiffness and damage caused by desk jobs. Massages can also help to relax the body back into its normal, healthy position so that you aren’t leaning or slouching. It’s one more very good reason to visit the spa regularly.



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