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ManicureThe Facts Behind a Russian Manicure
russian manicure

The Facts Behind a Russian Manicure

A manicure is a great way to take care of your nails and cuticles without the hassle of doing it yourself, plus the added bonus of escaping the busy household and having some quality me-time. Who doesn’t love to get pampered every once and a while with a pop of color on your nails and heading to a nail salon for some R&R? But do you know why a Russian manicure needs to be your next nail appointment? You have to keep reading to know the importance of this unique type of nail care!

What is a Russian Manicure?

At nail salons, the technicians use nippers to trim the excess skin growing over your cuticles. Nippers are a staple in the nail industry, but when you go to get your nails done, one of the reasons is for the professional tools they can use that aren’t available to you at home. So why have them use nippers when a Russian manicure can offer you so much more?

With a Russian manicure, a very different technique and instrument is used for caring for the cuticles. Many people grow a lot of excess skin around their nails, usually from biting, picking, and over trimming their nailbeds (sound familiar?). Using an e-file (the electronic nail drill typically used for acrylics and filled nails), this nail tool removes the excess skin surrounding the nail bed, just as a nipper does, but with a tiny e-file headpiece. This avoids cutting the nail too aggressively and allows the nail technician to have more control and avoid nipping your skin with the nippers (how many times has that happened to you??).

The name “Russian manicure” was dubbed that by an unknown source, but it gives you a pretty neat and clean idea of what this service offers you. An e-file runs fast and buffs the nail, which unless trained to handle correctly, it can result in damage to your nail bed and plate. Even nail salons have technicians who have trouble handling an e-file, therefore consider a day spa instead for this beneficial service!

Cuticle Health from a Russian Manicure

Cuticles are an important part of your nails and certainly of maintaining healthy nails. The cuticle is the layer of skin at the beginning of your nail bed and its purpose is to protect the matrix (the part under your nail that produces cells to become and form the nail plate) from bacteria or foreign particles. There is plenty of controversy on pushing back or cutting your cuticles, which is mainly done to elongate the nail as a whole. If you have naturally short nails, this is normally a staple for you.

It’s a personal preference for doing anything to the cuticle, but nearly every person who goes for a manicure has their cuticles trimmed or pushed back and we don’t blame you! Long nails are all the rage and can also help prolong the length of your manicure. While some people argue that doing anything to your cuticles can damage the skin and lessen the natural ability to protect the matrix, others don’t see any problem with it.

However, cutting your cuticles with a nipper tends to have the most uneven and on occasion, painful, results. There’s less control and visual on the nail when you use them too. You know that feeling when the nail technician pierces the skin and cuts too deeply into the skin. Not only does it hurt like crazy (especially once the polish is applied), it also remains sore and inflamed for days after. Nothing is worse for your nails than having inflamed, stinging sores that have to heal around your nail polish.

With the Russian manicure, your nail is perfectly trimmed and smooth around the edges, ideal for applying a seamless, glossy polish. Once you try this manicure, you’ll see the difference and how much easier it is to trim your cuticles without the nicks from a nipper!

Find the Russian Manicure at Botanica Day Spa

At Botanica, our chic nail salon is the perfect background for me-time and ideal Instagram Story videos! Our nail technicians give you the best manicures in town with the standard nail shaping, hand massage, and your choice of polish. The Russian manicure is available with a normal polish or gel polish, either of which will benefit from the e-file technique. (You have to try it to see the hype over it!)

Choosing to have your nails done at a spa rather than a nail salon offers you plenty more peace and tranquility. Let’s be honest, we get our nails done to hide away from life for an hour or two and that’s okay! There’s nothing better than a relaxing atmosphere with staff who cater to you like a queen. Just remember, the health and maintenance of your nails are important, aside from adding a bit of luxury to your appearance. At Botanica spa, we care about giving you the best service possible, both for outside and inside beauty!

Call us today at 727-441-1711 or book your appointment online for our fabulous Russian manicure!



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