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Best Spa Services for a Perfect Mother-Daughter Day

Mothers hold a very special place in our hearts and in our lives.  As we grow older and begin our own families or have navigated difficult experiences throughout adulthood, we learn to appreciate our moms more than we did when we were children.  Though we wish we could spend more time with them, planning regular outings with our moms can help strengthen our bonds and improve our relationships with them.  Mother-daughter spa outings are a great way to rejuvenate and unwind in a relaxing, fun atmosphere.  Here are some of the specialty services we offer at Botanica that would be absolutely perfect for a day out with your mom!

Conquer Tension Together  

Sometimes we don’t realize how tense we are until we lay down on a massage table.  Enjoying a peaceful 55-minute massage next to your mom is a great way to alleviate aches and pains that have developed.  Looking to enhance your relaxation even more?  Add in a calming and renewing facial that will leave both of your faces radiant and glowing.  Our Signature Facial is a favorite among our clients.  It’s customized to suit the skin of each person and includes a deep cleansing followed by Dermaplaning or microdermabrasion.  Microcurrent is also used to tone facial muscles.  We finish off the luxurious experience with a décolleté and hand treatment.

Sparkle and Shine

If you and your mom are looking to catch up on each other’s lives, planning joint mani and pedi appointments will allow you talk the afternoon away while you get buffed and polished.  If you are looking for the ultimate manicure, try our Spa Manicure, which is enhanced with aromatic salt scrub.  An ultra-moisturizing treatment glove is applied, leaving your hands feeling soft and smooth.  Feet looking a little grungy and callused?  Try our unique Botanica Pedicure that includes a foot soak, exfoliating scrub, callous removal, and relaxing warm stone massage. 

Add Some Excitement to Your Lashes   

Maybe you and your mom already get bi-weekly manicures together and want to pamper yourselves in a new way.  Lash extensions are a fun way to enhance your natural beauty.  Women everywhere are ditching their old, clumpy mascara for lash extensions.  Extensions look more natural than mascara and last much longer.  You and your mom will feel extra flirty as the two of you show off your new lashes with a wink and a smile.

You’ll never regret spending quality time with your mom and Botanica is the perfect place to make those special memories.



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