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NailsYou Seriously Need the Signature Botanica Pedicure: Here’s Why

You Seriously Need the Signature Botanica Pedicure: Here’s Why

Our feet take some serious knocks on a day-to-day basis. Supporting the body, wearing heels, accumulating blisters and toe jam – sometimes we forget how much we take our feet for granted. That’s why it’s an important part of your weekly or monthly routine to pamper your exhausted toes, arches, heels, and ankles with a pedicure!

The Benefits of Pampering Yourself with a Pedicure

Work days, at home with the kids or the pets, running around town, you name it, you are on your feet and it takes a toll. Standing all the time or even on and off can cause your feet to swell and ache, which can be detrimental to your life and schedule. Not to mention, wearing shoes of any type can cause quite a few issues, some of which are:

·        Blisters

·        Bunions

·        Calluses

·        Ingrown Toenails

·        Athlete’s Foot

When you are on the go and hardly take time for yourself, these foot problems can occur frequently. It may seem like you have no time, but making it go right to get a pedicure regularly can do wonders. Not just for aesthetics, but for your foot health as well. Pedicures are a point of hygiene, by grooming the toenails and soaking the feet. These steps, including clipping the toenails, are part of a typical pedicure and usually has a foot massage too.

A foot massage can alleviate tension, sore muscles, and reduce inflammation that has built up in the feet. It also allows you that allotted time to relax and unwind after a hectic week. Normally towards the weekend, you will see plenty of people going to a salon or spa straight after work, still in their business attire. They know the benefits of a pedicure and now you do as well.

The relief of a pedicure is much more than just fixing some chipped polish. Keeping your feet clean and pampered can create a marked improvement in your stress levels and all over wellness. Just like in Reflexology Therapy, the importance and significance of the feet to other areas of your body is well known and should not be ignored.

There are a few at-home tips to follow, while still ensuring that you squeeze in a pedicure. One is to elevate your feet, allowing your body to decrease the swelling. The second is to ice your feet to reduce inflammation and swelling caused by prolonged standing and let it heal. The third is to massage your feet for a minute or two with a tennis ball or foam roller so you can stretch tight foot muscles, which can help your feet recover more quickly. Remembering to take care of your feet, especially with a pedicure, will greatly help reduce foot problems in the future.

Botanica Day Spa Feet Pampering Services

At Botanica, we offer a one of a kind pedicure experience. With our Signature Botanica Pedicure, it’s a dip into the lavish and luxurious lifestyle we all love! On top of the gel pedicure that it ends with, the Signature Botanica service includes a much longer foot massage and a paraffin foot dip. Paraffin wax is excellent to moisturize and help relieve dry feet or hands.

As a bonus to the already extravagant pedicure, you receive an eye treatment and hot towels to extend the muscular relief with the foot massage. All the while, you are indulging in champagne and chocolates! Oo la la! Yes, this is indeed a Signature pedicure for a reason! This is an 85-minute pedicure session, to give you the most relaxation time and enjoy your scrumptious treats.

At Botanica Day Spa, we go above and beyond with our services as we know that everyone deserves to have some Me time. It’s important to us that you experience ultimate satisfaction and delight with each service we offer. And with the Signature Botanica Pedicure, it gives you a little bit of everything – massage, treats, eye care, and a beautiful, long-lasting gel polish on your immaculately finished toes!



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