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Day SpaThrowing a Party? Book Botanica Day Spa for a Private Party
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Throwing a Party? Book Botanica Day Spa for a Private Party

Everyone loves a party – the balloons, the gifts, the DIY cake, all of the Pinterest lover dreams. Well, parties have become even better now! At Botanica Day Spa, you can book a spa day out as a private party for you, your girlfriends, your kids, and have a blast getting pampered!

Why a Spa Works for a Party Location

In this day and age, everyone is always trying to upstage each other with the best and most unique party. Scouring Pinterest for themes, color palettes, trending styles, DIY decorations and desserts, YouTube tutorials…the list goes on and on! While that is a wonderful and delightfully creative platform for a party, it can also take a lot of time and effort. It’s time and effort that we all can’t afford, both in the bank account and precious free time.

However, here are some really interesting reasons on why you should be choosing Botanica for your next party plan:

·        It’s a location that happens to look and be on trend that all Pinterest users would approve of! The vintage appeal, the green foliage, the hipster appeal, and trust me, it matches in Instagram photos too!

·        It’s one place that can house everything you need – space, decorations, the cake, etc. The spa offers you your own private slice of paradise inside the building where you get to relax and enjoy the services, as well as all the goodies you bring, in a social media haven that will give you more likes on your photos than ever!

·        Spa day for the guest of honor, spa day for you = win-win. While you host the party, you get to be just as pampered and lavished as everyone else invited. Normally it’s stressful, busy, and time-consuming to be the host with little to no reward in the festivities. At the spa, our staff is there to help you so it’s not a one-person show putting everything together, allowing you the fulfillment of having a party at the spa just as much as the guests!

·        Girls day is reinvented with a private party at the spa! Rejoice in time with just the girls by having a private party at Botanica and bask in the ultimate girls time. Unwind in the cozy robes, the treats, the booze, and catch up and laugh the day away with your gal pals!

·        Giving the gift of spa services show care and are truly appreciated by people who don’t get to make it to the spa when they want to. Massages, facials, aromatherapy all have incredible benefits and can help improve moods, physical wellness, and mental stress. It is surely a one of a kind party to have at the spa!

With these in mind, it’s a no-brainer to choose Botanica Day Spa for your next private party! Not only for parties or celebrations, but it’s the greatest gift from a mother, maid of honor, or in-law to host a bridal shower at the spa too!

Choose Botanica Spa for Parties

To host or plan a private party at Botanica Day Spa, call us today to get all the details. We will help you figure out every aspect of the party, what we include and can acquire as part of the party cost. We love to make the entire experience the best for everyone that comes to it, plus the host. Large groups can be accommodated and the sooner you book your private party with us, the better chance you have of claiming a coveted spot at our beautiful spa!



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