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Top 5 Winter Manicure Trends

When it comes to keeping our nails trimmed, clean and beautiful, we may find that we tend to fall into a sort of rut–choosing the same style or polish time and time again.  However, in the back of our minds, we may want to try something new–if only we could find the inspiration we need.  Luckily, the top five winter manicure trends may give us exactly what we are looking for.

Winter Manicure Trends

It’s not unusual to steer toward brighter polish colors and bolder patterns during the spring and summer, and then gravitate toward deeper polish colors and more subtle patterns during the fall and winter.  Following are the top five winter manicure trends you may want to try out this year:

  1. Silvery nail polishes.  There are many, many different shades of silver polish, all of them beautiful.  Whether you have long nails, short nails or something in between, you can consider painting them a solid silver color in any shade from a light icicle silver to a dark graphite silver.  Or perhaps paint your nails in gradations of silver, from light to dark.
  2. Swarovski and rhinestone decorations.  Beautifully manicured and polished nails can be made even more stunning with shiny, well-placed embellishments.  Swarovski and rhinestone decorations can make your nails look incredibly glamorous, attracting positive admiration and attention from others.
  3. Glittery nail polishes.  Glitter has been a general beauty trend all year long, from shoes to handbags to clothing, and it also includes the nails.  Whether glittery polish is only used on the tip of the nails or all, it can add fun and style during the winter season.
  4. Line designs.  Like glitter, lines have also been a general beauty trend this year.  Lines can be incredibly simple, but carry great impact, so even a simple polished nail with a single line down the center can be exciting.  Several horizontal stripes across the nail can also be beautiful.
  5. French manicure variations.  While the traditional French manicure is often viewed as a very clean and beautiful nail style, a variation on this style can also be quite elegant.  For example, one can paint the nail black with a white tip, clear with a black tip, or even white with a glittery gold tip.

Whatever trend you prefer, the most important thing about getting a winter manicure is having fun–choosing colors and styles that will complement the season and make you smile when you see your nails.



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