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pedis in boot season

5 Reasons to Keep Up With Your Pedis During Boot Season

It’s undeniably easy to remember pedicures during the warmer summer months–cute sandals and flip-flops ensure that feet are constantly seen.  However, when colder weather hits and you begin to rely on your most comfortable pair of Uggs to keep your toes warm, it can seem natural to let pedicures pass you by.  After all, why spend the money if no one is going to see them?  Actually, there are many reasons why it’s beneficial to keep up with your pedicures, even during boot season. 

5 Best Reasons for Pedis Year Round

1. You get to enjoy a trip to the spa.  Regular trips to the spa, where you can relax and recharge your batteries, can be incredibly beneficial to your mental and physical health.  It’s true that a pedicure may not be as extensive a spa treatment as a massage or facial, but it is nonetheless a time to relax and be pampered.  This can be especially useful during the stressful holiday season and when the weather outside is anything but pleasant.

2. Regular pedicures help you maintain good foot health.  We may love how pretty our toes look after a professional pedicure, but truthfully a well-chosen and applied polish is just the icing on the cake.  Professional pedicures help maintain your overall foot health by removing dead skin and nourishing healthy skin with hydrating oils and lotion.

3. The dry skin on your feet won’t catch on your clothes or sheets.  There’s really no way to adequately describe just how uncomfortable it is to have dry patches of skin, or worse–unruly toenails–catch on tights, slacks or sheets. 

4. You won’t have to worry about who is going to see your toes.  Perhaps you assume that it doesn’t really matter how your toes look, since no one will see them but you–but then what happens when go into a friend’s house and are asked to remove your Uggs?  It’s best not to wonder or worry about who may end up seeing your toes.

5. You’ll feel better.  Even if no one else but you ever sees your feet during boot season, won’t it be nice to see them all cared for and done up? 

Consider your last visit to the spa for a pedicure, and you’ll easily be able to recognize what a little well-deserved pampering does for your confidence and self-esteem.  Honestly, what more reason do we need to keep up with our pedicures?



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