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No Time? No Problem! Introducing VINYLUX Nail Polish

There are two types of people: those who get manicures, and those who do not. Trust me, as a mother of two and business owner, I understand. At Botanica, we try to cater to everyone’s busy lives and manicure needs, whether you’re looking for a classic nail polish manicure or the long wear of Shellac™ gel nail polish. Unfortunately, traditional polish tends to chip within a few days. Shellac is a great option for longer wear, but requires a time investment of at least 45 minutes because of all the different steps involved. A manicure using Vinylux™ nail polish is a great alternative for ladies who want a long-lasting color that doesn’t cost too much AND doesn’t take too long to have done.

What is the Difference Between Vinylux Nail Polish and Shellac?

Well, first things first—the makers of Shellac (the famous gel/nail polish blend) are the same people who created Vinylux. Both products are equally considered “game changers” for nail color, but each product has distinct differences. Shellac is praised for its long wear, but requires a base coat in addition to color coats (usually two) and a topcoat, as well as multiple stints under a UV lamp to properly dry. Translation: it takes at least 45 minutes to do a Shellac manicure.

Vinylux is a highly innovative system for its self-adhering color coat which cuts out the need for a base coat. It air dries naturally in 8.5 minutes (about half the time it takes regular nail polish to dry) without a UV light. Plus, the Vinylux top coat has Pro-Light technology that actually makes itself stronger over time with exposure to natural light.

We’re pretty excited about this product line, because it’s perfect for on-the-go clients who can’t wait 20 minutes for their hands or toes to dry. Vinylux nail polish come in more than 70 different shades and is faster to apply than traditional shellac, yet will last a week or so with no chipping. True story—I have used Vinylux on my very adventurous toddler-aged daughter who is a professional at chipping her nail polish and this stuff stayed put on her little finger nails yet dried quick enough so she could back to her very busy lifestyle. 😉

You could truly buy this polish line and touch up your manicure at home if you wanted to, because it requires no UV lamp to dry. Added bonus—It doesn’t cost any more than regular nail polish, AND you don’t need a base coat. So, let’s recap on the magic of Vinylux:

  • No base coat
  • Dries in 8 ½ minutes
  • Costs the same as regular nail polish
  • You don’t need a UV lamp
  • Longer wear than traditional nail polish
  • Increases durability with exposure to natural light.

Are you sold yet? Come try a 30-minute Vinylux manicure for only $24! To schedule your appointment, give us a call at 727-441-1711.

Love, Gen

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