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MassageVoted Best in Tampa Bay: The Botanica Massage & Why You Need to Try It

Voted Best in Tampa Bay: The Botanica Massage & Why You Need to Try It

There are plenty of massage techniques and types available in this day and age. However, if you’re looking for the best and want top-rated proof, look no further than the Botanica Massage at Botanica Day Spa in Clearwater, FL! Voted best in Tampa Bay by Citysearch, this massage service excels in delivering exactly what each and every client is looking for!

Massage Therapy & Its Benefits

There is still a bit of a mystery when it comes to massage therapy and what people believe it does. Some people have a natural disposition to it, while others can have a very rough time finding the right pressure, technique, and even massage therapists to deliver it. Yes, it is very true indeed that sometimes a massage therapist and the way they apply the art can be the wrong way for that person.

No massage therapist is the same, nor does each person receiving a massage accept it the same way. Bodies are different; they come in all shapes and sizes and in this case, in many ranges of sensitivity and comfortableness. When you find the right way to enjoy a massage though, you’ll never go back to thinking you don’t need regular massages!

The benefits of massage therapy are highly praised and even recommended by doctors alike as a source of relief from pain, joint problems, and health issues. Massage therapy is a constant practice used in sports to prevent or treat injuries. These are some of the most common benefits shared by receiving a massage:

  • Relief from headaches. A tense neck or posture problem can result in frequent headaches. Massage therapy is known for relieving this common problem by working out the pain, stiff muscles, or knots that create them.
  • Better circulation. Massages stimulate blood flow and can regulate areas of the body that had blocked or tensed tissue that was resulting in poor circulation, which can create cramping, soreness, and make your body work harder to function normally.
  • Corrects posture. Whether you stand or sit for a living or both, massage therapy can correct posture and relieve the aches associated with it for relaxed shoulders and a straight spine, not to mention relief from sore leg muscles.
  • Promotes better sleep. Body aches and pains, on top of stress, can take a huge toll on your body and cause a restless sleep. When you don’t sleep, everything works harder to accommodate for it. Massage therapy is proven to relieve the tension and nervous system to allow a better night sleep.
  • Stronger immune system. This becomes compromised when the body is stressed from all of the above and weaken it to germs or bacteria that can cause you to become sick. Working to better the nervous system, circulation, and reduce stress allows the immune system to be in tip-top shape.

The greatest bonus to all of this is that a massage is a very enjoyable spa service! It gives you the opportunity to unwind from the week, be away from the busy phone and social media, to have peace and quiet, and for someone to focus on your needs while you get to lay back and just relax!

Botanica Massage

The Botanica massage is customized for the ailments and areas you choose to have worked on. If you just need to feel relaxed, this massage is for you. If you have a certain issue bothering you that is tense or aching, this massage is for you. While there are many massage options at Botanica, this one certifies that you’ll be receiving what you want and only that. Perfect for full body or specific attention!

Call Botanica Day Spa today at 727-441-1711 to book your massage appointment and experience the ultimate relief and serenity!



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