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MassagePrep for Summer with Botanica’s Lipo Slimming Treatment
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Prep for Summer with Botanica’s Lipo Slimming Treatment

Summer, tanning, and days at the beach or pool are almost upon us. With winter lasting longer this year for most of the country, Florida seems to be the main destination to escape the frigid snow and step into heat, humidity, and a desperate vacation location. That being said, if you’re not ready for bathing suit season and haven’t had time to hit the gym, there is a great alternative for healthy weight loss and a boost to slimming down just in time for that unveiling. Lipo slimming body treatments are calling your name!

What is Lipo Slimming?

Lipo is short for liposuction, a method of fat reduction typically done in cosmetic surgery. It removes fat from the body to change the shape of that specific area being treated. At Botanica spa, lipo slimming is a non-evasive treatment with similar results, but without the use of a certified plastic surgeon, going under the knife, or recovery time. The treatment is targeted to reduce fat and cellulite in a natural way.

Adipose tissue, otherwise known as fat, is used in the body to store energy for later use, as well as cushion and insulate the body. An excess of adipose tissue can build up from stress, lack of exercise, and consuming too many sugars, fats, and carbohydrates. We are all guilty in some way of sneaking a sweet or two or avoiding the gym. What’s great about lipo slimming treatments is the additional benefits of this wonderful body treatment.

Even if you just started a new diet or weight loss program, lipo slimming is an incredible bonus to your plan. Not only are you combating fat and cellulite, the treatment also works to promote detoxification. Removing toxins and various wastes trapped in your cells or layers of the epidermis can create great relief, as well as kick-start a more effective weight loss.

It’s not always easy to achieve your ideal body status and with a natural service that can help bring about the goals you’re aiming for, there’s nothing wrong with that. Wellness is part of our goal at Botanica for you and the services you come in for. The results of lipo slimming are fabulous and you get that extra bonus of detoxification with it. Combined with a solid diet and exercise routine, the lipo slimming treatments will have you confident and ready for those uncovered, sunny days of summer!

Botanica Day Spa Lipo

At Botanica Day Spa, the lipo slimming treatments are recommended in a series for maximum results. Just as with exercise and diet, one day of doing them does not equate to the results you want for your body. The lipo slimming treatment is done using a highly concentrated blend of all natural essential oils. Essential oils have been utilized for hundreds of years medicinally and for healing, detoxifying, and soothing.

The essential oils are added with heat to deliver an effective impact against fat reduction and cellulite elimination. The heat triggers the skin and pores for better penetration of the oils, not to mention that the heat also works to reduce the adipose tissue to a more desirable level. Less fat and cellulite means a more confident, radiant you that is ready to take on the world of amazing social media posts! It always feels good to have confidence, but most importantly, to be happy in your body. At Botanica, we are more than excited to help you achieve these goals in a safe, relaxing, and natural way.

Contact Botanica today to book your lipo slimming body treatment and start browsing the shops for super cute swimsuits to wear this summer!



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