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What Cupping Massage Did for Me

About a year ago, I attended a Botanica Day Spa event. At that time (and still today) my life consisted of long hours sitting at a computer every day and at least an hour a day of heavy exercise at the local gym. The constant cross-training, weightlifting, and cardio left my entire body feeling tight. My shoulders would get sore, and my neck and upper back would feel strained.

Prior to the event, I had gotten one or two regular massages but I was looking for a deeper massage. I read a brochure about the Cupping Massage. It’s a massage that specifically releases tension and also improves circulation. Here is example of how it's done: 

cupping massage on back

After reading about it, I scheduled one for the following week. I was told the day before to drink a lot of water. I arrived at the spa and got ready for cupping like I would for a regular massage. The massage therapist used a specific machine where she ran suction over different parts of my upper and lower back as well as my sides. It almost feels like a vacuum therapy.

Benefits of Cupping Massage

I’ve read that there are a variety of benefits from cupping like sinus drainage, lymph drainage, and improved circulation.  Cupping can even loosen scar tissue and help with cellulite. For me, cupping helped with:

  1. Released muscle tension – After my massage, my muscles felt looser and I had a wider range of motion.
  2. Improved my circulation – Before the massage, my hands and fingers would get cold easily. After it, my hands stayed warm.
  3. Toxin release – I also felt like it released toxins from my body. I drank a lot of water before and after my massage to flush out my system.
  4. I also felt really relaxed after my massage and very calm.

After talking with Gen, she shared stories with me about other clients who have experienced the benefits of Cupping Massage. This picture shows the before and after effects on the neck and shoulders of another client:

cupping massage

If you’re looking for a deeper massage or are having a specific trouble area on your body that is tight or needs improved range of motion, I highly recommend cupping.

– E.D.


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