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Summer Treatments Just Launched at Botanica Day Spa!

Summer is upon us, and I thought I’d take a moment to tell you about some of the spa services we consider “musts” for the season plus some of our newer services.

De-aging Tropicale Body Treatment (NEW!)

This gorgeous full body treatment incorporates the anti-aging ingredients of:

  • Marine Collagen + Elastin
  • Vitamin A + C
  • Papaya + Pineapple
  • Shea Butter

The full 80-minute treatment includes a French sea salt scrub, a repairing body wrap, magnesium foot treatment, coconut scalp massage, facial massage, foot treatment and ends with a brightening and de-aging body balm. It’s truly heavenly and great if you want to focus on de-aging.

Tropicale Body Treatment $150/50 min* | $200/80 min.

Thai Massage


Thai Massage is an Ayurvedic massage style that dates back thousands of years. Its primary goal is to open the energy channels of the body by stretching and elongating your muscles so as to create flow. If you hold tension, Thai massage can give you tremendous relief. Thai massage is done on a Thai mat and without the use of oil or lotion (great for those who are sensitive.) The therapist uses both their body weight as well as yours to get you into a series of deep stretches that will help lengthen your muscles. There is no requirement for you to participate during the massage other than to relax and breathe. You will need to wear loose-fitting clothes such as yoga attire.

Thai Massage $70/ 40 min | $145/ 80 min

Mermaid Face + Body Treatment


We begin this treatment with a light dry brush followed by a seaweed mask. We then perform a mini facial that includes dermaplaning, vitamin C, and a seaweed mask. We finish with a coconut scalp massage and full body sea salt scrub.

This treatment is great if you want to focus on deep cleansing and detoxification.

Mermaid Face + Body Treatment $190/ 80 min

Lash Perm + Tint


A lash perm (or lash lift) gives your lashes a semi-permanent curl while a lash tint allows your lashes to stay jet black for an extended period of time. This service is immensely popular in the summer months when boating and swimming make mascara less functional to wear.

Lash Perm $60
Lash Tint $27
Lash Perm + Tint $77

Water Lily Soothing Body Wrap (NEW!)

We created this treatment to help soothe irritated, red and sun burned skin. Whether you stayed on the beach a little too long or if your skin just needs something soothing, this wrap will help calm your skin with chamomile, green tea and water lily.

Water Lily Soothing Body Wrap $100/40 min

Call and schedule a summer spa service today!

Love, Gen

P.S. Try your first Tropicale De-aging Body Treatment for $50 off. You’re going to love it, seriously!

*Tropicale Body Treatment 50 min excludes the French sea salt scrub and scalp massage

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