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4 Tips to Help You Feel Confidently Beautiful Without Makeup

I’ll be honest.  I’m the type of person who used to avoid going to the grocery store or even taking my dog for a walk in public if I wasn’t wearing some type of makeup.  I liked looking and feeling my best, and makeup had a way of making me feel beautiful even if I’m running errands.    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that I want to spend my time doing things other than caking on makeup.  I want to feel beautiful in my own, natural skin.  If you nourish and care for your skin properly, you’ll be less inclined to cover it up.  Here are some tips for feeling confidently beautiful, even without makeup.

Scrub & Moisturize

Having dead skin looming around can really dull your complexion.  Simply exfoliating your skin twice a week can ensure that those lifeless layers of skin are removed and helps prevent your pores from becoming blocked.  But wait! While keeping skin clean is important, never forget the moisturizer.  A good moisturizer like Pevonia Youth Renew that has SPF 30 and will keep your skin as smooth as a baby’s bum and help fight the signs of aging.

Feed Your Skin

As your largest organ, your skin needs to be cared for both inside and out.  Healthy, glowing skin starts from within.  Eating nutritious, vitamin-rich foods and drinking lots of water not only make your skin luminous, it helps to improve your overall wellbeing.  Your appearance is a direct reflection of your internal health.  Feeling confident about yourself without makeup should begin with a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a good diet. 


Makeup should be something fun we use, not a mask for us to hide behind.  In reality, no one is staring at that zit on your forehead or counting the freckles on your face.  Chances are the only person who sees the flaws in your skin is you.  If you believe you look beautiful without makeup, others will easily believe it as well.  Feeling beautiful without makeup is all about how you perceive yourself.

Positive Attitude

You know the saying, “happy girls are the prettiest”?  It’s true!  A woman who is always smiling and laughing radiates beauty, whether she is wearing makeup or not.  So get those pearly whites sparkling with a whitening toothpaste and you are good to go.  No makeup necessary.

Stop spending time applying a whole buffet of makeup products and start taking care of the skin you were born with.



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