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5 Ways to Banish Dark Circles For Good!

Dark-circle treatments make up a hefty portion of the skin care market—and for good reason. Although they’re totally normal and common for a good chunk of the population, the hope of getting rid of those shadowy under-eye circles means potentially looking healthier, better rested, and years younger.

But let’s back up a second and remind ourselves where exactly these dark circles come from. The most common reason for darkness under the eye area is because the skin there may be extra thin. When the skin thins out, the blood vessels underneath become more visible, and that blood beneath the skin is what creates the appearance of dark circles. This can happen because of genetics, aging, or long-term overuse of prescription retinoids.

Additionally, not getting enough sleep can lead to dark circles. When you lack sleep, your body’s circulatory system is compromised, and you get stagnant blood in the vessels under the eyes because they haven’t properly drained. In other words, getting a full eight hours is an easy (and totally free) way to get rid of dark circles.

But what about products? Marketing tells us that eye creams and serums will “cure” our under-eye circles, and when we drop a lot of money on a new product or treatment, we’re motivated to believe it. But objectively, do these treatments actually work? Let’s set out to take a bias-free look at how to get rid of dark circles.

To do so, I’m highlighting some popular treatments, put them to the test at the spa, and compared the results. Did they work as well as they promised? To find out which treatment actually got five stars and which ones you’re better off skipping, keep scrolling for Botanica’s honest reviews of six different under-eye treatments.

  1. Try Micro Needling to Boost Collagen Production

Micro-needling is a process that creates tiny injuries in the skin to help stimulate collagen production and in turn, thickens the skin under the eyes. Dark circles are the result of thin skin under the eyes, which means the thicker the area, the less visible the veins will be underneath the eyes.

After getting a micro-needling treatment the results from that one treatment are incredible—severe dark circles and puffy under-eye bags vanished and stayed that way for weeks.

2. Take a Vitamin B12 Supplement

Although this anti-aging, plant-based supplement doesn’t specifically claim to be an answer for how to get rid of dark circles, it is a rich source of vitamin B12, which is key. Vitamin B12 deficiency can play a role in the formation of dark circles, so increasing your intake possibly could have a positive effect. Consult your doctor to decide if taking a supplement is right for you.

For those who need to attain their B12 levels correctly, supplements are the way to go. Some people will see serious results if you have a B12 deficiency, and the dark circles will go away like magic. If you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just in a phase of eating too much junk, your dark circles might be due to the same thing. If you think this might apply to you, this supplement is absolutely worth trying.

3. Apply Retinol to Brighten and Tighten

The effect of retinol for getting rid of dark circles has shown promising results. Retinol serums promise to brighten and tighten the appearance of skin. Retinol serums are usually filled with a combination of retinol, ferulic acid, and/or licorice root to target wrinkles, diminish dark circles, and soothe puffiness.

4. Wear Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patches

Dark circles can be a result of dehydration, so using a deeply hydrating ingredient such as hyaluronic acid (which has the ability to hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water) will help combat that. Cooling eye patches also contain ingredients like plus anti-inflammatory caffeine (to temporarily constrict the blood vessels under the eyes) and a little colloidal gold (to brighten) for good measure.

5. Massage Under the Eyes with a Jade Roller

A form of facial massage, this ancient Chinese practice increases blood circulation and aids with lymphatic drainage, working to diminish the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. (On the spiritual side, it also intends to ward off negative energy and balance your chi.)

Use a jade roller to gently apply products to the delicate eye area.

The cool stone instantly awakens and brightens the skin. Though it doesn’t eradicate dark circles quite like a derma-roller, it’s a great thing to do every morning as maintenance!

Botanica Facial Services for Dark Circles

Sometimes when all else fails, you might just need some R&R. At Botanica, we have some fabulous eye treatments as part of our facials and our love, attention, and experience are everything you want to get rid of dark circles and achieve glowing, bright skin as you walk out our door!

Call Botanica today at 727-441-1711 to book your appointment and say buh-bye to looking tired!



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