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5 Reasons to Buy from a Boutique Shop in a Spa

With so many trends and DIY photos all over social media, sometimes we all don’t have time to be that crafty. Places like Target, Nordstrom’s, or Home Goods are mass generated, making the one of a kind style much less one of a kind. But where can you find a truly unique and fabulous gift or knickknack? Look no further than boutique shops at a spa such as Botanica Day Spa!

Why Choose a Boutique Shop over Commercial Stores

We all want to give the best gifts and furnish our homes with the cutest trinkets. With the world at large in petite décor and stores stocking up on trendier items, how can you stay above the pack? The answer is boutique shops. While some boutique shops still sell tacky things, there are a select few that carry some real gems. Botanica Day Spa is more than just a place for relaxation and ultimate skin pampering.

At the front of the building where reception is located holds a darling shop filled with exactly what you are looking for. Big, known brands sell everywhere, especially Amazon, but Botanica deliberately chooses smaller brands and sellers for that unique touch. Most are local and handmade, giving that extra appeal for buying and knowing no one else will find the same thing!

What exactly does Botanica’s Boutique offer?

Here is an idea of what you will find and fall in love with:

  • Trendy cards
  • Gift wrap
  • Art work
  • Essential Oils
  • Handmade Jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, key chains, etc)
  • Skin Care (Pevonia – yes, please!)
  • Hair Care
  • Beauty Products
  • Makeup
  • Books
  • Flowers/plants
  • Chocolate/candy (local and imported!)
  • Soaps
  • Candles (all sizes, scents, and styles!)
  • Bath Salts

The best part is that for beauty and skin care items, Botanica’s staff are trained in these areas and can answer any questions you may have and help you find the right products to match your skin/skin concerns! Not only is our boutique shop helping you find the perfect gift (or present for yourself), we are also helping the local economy by selling local brands and sellers items! We think it’s quite important to give back to the community and encourage small business owners to make it in a booming economy.

We specifically choose and stock items that aren’t run of the mill because we love originality! We understand that character can really help you to stand out and have your own style front and center. There is certainly nothing wrong with individuality and when it comes to chic, trendy styles, finding something no one else would have in other stores just makes it that much more special!

When you want to furnish your home, office, or give a beautiful gift to someone, shopping a boutique store like at Botanica Day Spa will be much easier than scouring messy shelves from a national chain store. So keep in mind these five reasons to buy from a boutique shop versus chain stores:

  1. You’re helping small businesses by buying from a boutique.
  2. You may spend a little more, but you’re also receiving more one of a kind and handmade pieces.
  3. Creativity is more vast and special when shopping at a boutique.
  4. Supporting the local economy!
  5. More one on one shopping with expert advice to boot!

To give you an idea of the super cute pieces sold at Botanica’s Boutique, the image for this article was created by Botanica Day Spa’s very own owner, me! By taking an old tool box, it was repurposed into a fabulous succulent planter! DIY, Pinterest, and social media trends are such fun and when you don’t have the time to create it yourself, choose a boutique shop instead!



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