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Which Spa Package is Right for You?

Receiving a spa package as a gift is pretty equivalent to the Holy Grail, but choosing to gift yourself with a spa package can be even more rewarding. Too many people neglect themselves and their physical well being, especially when they think having a spa day is just a pricey Instagram post. A spa package is so much more than a lavish splurge and finding the right one for your needs is just as important.

Different Spa Packages for Different Needs

When you decide to treat your body to a day of relaxation and much needed R&R, it’s best to figure out which services you want before you go. A vital piece of information when it comes to purchasing a spa package is that it must be scheduled in advance. Given the time and multiple areas of the spa included in it, every physical therapist, aesthetician, and beautician has to schedule you to follow the ebb and flow of the continuous appointments. This allows for a fluid transition between services for the utmost relaxation for you and control for the spa’s other appointments.

Now, what type of spa package should you decide on? It may sound like a silly question (because hello, it’s a day at the spa! Why does it matter?), but it does matter, for the simple fact that picking the right spa package can earn you the most out of it for your stress relieving needs. Even calling the spa and asking for advice can help you decide on the right package too.

These are a few questions to ask yourself before choosing:

  • Where am I most tense?
  • Which spa service seems most appealing?
  • Would I rather have a longer massage or longer facial?
  • Do I want nail services?

Each package is put together to allow you to have a little of the best of everything or a full pot of everything delightful. Figuring out your budget is another decision to be made, which also determines which spa package is right for you.

Whether you go all in or enjoy a quainter spa day, making a list of most important services to least important will help eliminate the ones that aren’t right for you this time around. And if you begin to question yourself on buying a spa package, here is a list of health benefits that are the ultimate right choice for “splurging” on maintaining your overall body care:

  • Massages relieve sore, tight, and stressed muscles, which can help you sleep better, promote lower stress levels, reduce headaches, and improve your immune system and circulation.
  • Facials promote cleaner, healthier skin that is harder to do on yourself at home.
  • Body treatments can handle skin problems like dry skin, acne, and invigorate your cells for healthier, younger looking skin!
  • Reflexology is included in most spa packages, allowing better joint movement and promoting better balance throughout your body.

With these in mind, it’s time to look over the spa package choices!

Spa Packages at Botanica Day Spa

Botanica Day Spa is long-reigning queen of Clearwater, FL, simply because the care, quality, and experience is unlike anything else. Now, at Botanica, we understand that not everyone can spend five hundred plus dollars at our serene spa which is why the tiered system of spa packages here work for every budget!

The Nirvana package is the cream of the crop, with everything you would want in a spa day. However, the Botanica’s Signature Day is our most popular and allows you to enjoy the best of what we have to offer. Visit the Spa Package page on Botanica’s website for the full list and no matter which one you choose, be assured that at Botanica Day Spa, all of our staff are highly trained and love taking care of each and every client that walks through our doors.

You won’t miss out on a wonderful spa day by having Botanica service you!

For questions about our spa packages and to schedule your ultra relaxing appointment with us, our number is 727-441-1711. We are more than happy to help you choose the right spa package for all of your needs!



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