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5 Ways a Day Spa Can Boost Positivity During the Darker Months

Winter can be harsh on mood and skin. All of the wind and heaters blowing, the darker days (and less vitamin D!), even the back-to-school busyness, and can leave you feeling a little blah. If winter is chilling your mood, the darkness dimming your light, it’s time for a day to pamper yourself and restore your vitality. 

Positivity Boosters

First, let’s take a look at some super positivity-boosters, to help plan your spa day:

  • Feeling healthy and vibrant
  • Looking your best
  • Spending time with a friend
  • Enjoying some peace and quiet
  • Organizing or decluttering
  • Relaxing music or soothing scents

Believe it or not, each of these winning happiness techniques can be part of your spa day. Let’s take a look. Here are 5 ways a day spa can boost positivity during the darker months.

1. Restore Your Skin’s Luster

Less sun in the sky doesn’t have to mean less glow on your skin. A facial is not only a spa favorite for ultimate relaxation but also a way to slough off winter wear and tear and unveil a restored youthful sheen. You’ll not only look healthier, you’ll feel rejuvenated.

2. Declutter Mental Space

While maybe not the same as organizing a closet, your mental space might benefit from a little decluttering as well. The darker months of fall and winter can mean back-to-school, planning for holidays, increased familial obligations and more. If you find yourself running off in all directions, consider the revitalizing benefits of a massage. Increased circulation, the deep inhalations and exhalations of happy scents, and the quiet that surrounds you will help you declutter mental space, often resulting in a boost of mood and mental power.

3. Boost Your Energy

Another mood booster on your spa day: the increased energy you experience from combining services in a dedicated time just for you. When you devote a set period of time to rejuvenation, you walk away revitalized for whatever comes next. Just as sleep is needed to restore physical energy, a little restorative spa time may boost your mood.

4.  Share Positivity

Are you the social type? Do you like to call a friend or loved one at the end of the day and go over how it went? Maybe you just have some wonderful, positive people in your life, who make you feel better when you spend time with them?

Well, here’s another successful mood booster: sharing a spa day with a friend. Whether booking for a special occasion or just for a chance to spend time with a loved one, spa services such as a couples massage, getting mani/pedis with girlfriends, or enjoying a full day of services, can give you that friend-time that makes a big difference in positivity.

5. Feel Beautiful

Feeling your best, most beautiful self, can let your inner beauty shine to the surface and boost your positivity during darker months. Whether getting a makeup application and nail services on their own or after enjoying other relaxing spa services, you can walk away looking and feeling beautiful! It’s just another way in which a day spa can boost your positivity during the darker months.

Spa Day Ideas

Getting some ideas about what to do on a pamper day, or need a few more? Give us a call and we can help you arrange your ideal length of time and combination of services to achieve your optimum level of revitalization. “Vita” means life and with the “re-” it means to bring back again. So come enjoy your restoration and rejuvenation of life, even in the darker months, in our relaxing day spa.



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