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countdown to summer

Countdown to Summer: How to Get Your Skin Ready

As spring days grow steadily longer and the weather grows ever warmer, our attention turns to summer and whether we are ready for it. This is often the time when we wish we had taken our gym memberships or morning workout routines a little more seriously, and maybe we can still achieve some pretty outstanding results if we begin a dedicated exercise regimen now. In addition to getting our bodies beach-ready, we usually also want to focus some attention on getting our skin beach-ready. After all, nothing communicates a healthy, beautiful body quite as well as radiant, glowing skin, right?

Getting Your Skin Ready for Summer

During the summer, you want your skin to look fresh, dewy, and moisturized, without pigment irregularities or sun damage. You want to know how to make your skin beautiful without makeup, and what day spa skin services and home care is necessary to achieve this. Fortunately, we have the answers.

In order to get your skin ready for summer, I recommend our Botanica Signature Facial. Customized for your skin’s special needs, this facial deeply cleanses your skin and is followed by a dermaplaning or microdermabrasion treatment, which helps to eliminate the dry, dull skin that may have accumulated over the cooler winter months. The luxurious skin experience doesn’t end there! We also include a microcurrent treatment to boost and improve the tone of your facial muscles, leaving your face looking and feeling exceptionally youthful.

Prepping Your Legs for Summer

Though many of us tend to focus on our faces when it comes to skincare, don’t forget about the rest of your skin. Summer is the perfect time to show off your leggy stems in flirty sundresses and your favorite flattering bikini, so make sure your legs don’t look as sandy as the beaches you’re sunbathing on. Our revitalizing Mountain Glow Honey Butter Treatment uses aromatic sea salts as an exfoliant, revealing smooth, supple skin that glows. It’s important that you do not shave or wax prior to this treatment as it may irritate the skin.

If hair removal is one of your main beauty priorities for summer and you’ve never gotten waxed before, now is the best time to see exactly what you’ve been missing. Put away the razor and let one of our expert waxers take care of your hair removal needs. We never “double dip” when it comes to waxing; a new stick is used every time in order to maintain the highest hygiene standards. To ease the effects of a waxing treatment, make sure you follow these post-waxing tips to alleviate any potential pain or redness that may occur.

Eat Your Way to Healthy, Summer Skin    

In addition to these valuable skin treatments, you should also ensure that your diet includes sufficient amounts of the vitamins necessary to good skin health. With this approach of addressing your skin’s health from both the outside and the inside, you are sure to achieve the beautiful, glowing skin you want. Drinking plenty of water is also important during the hot, humid summer months so that skin stays hydrated and nourished. To make sure you are on the right path to summer skin success, come to Botanica and see which individualized treatments one of our skin experts recommend for your unique needs. It’s never a bad time to start prioritizing the needs of your skin!   



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