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6 Essential Items You Should Always Have in Your Purse

Many women will readily admit that they carry their entire lives in their purses and never leave home without it. Though your pretty arm accessory may be stocked with plenty of goods, it could be lacking essential items. While carrying a bag complete with a lamp and a houseplant like Mary Poppins may seem kind of cool, hauling a heavy purse around isn’t always ideal. Here are 6 of the must-have beauty and life essentials you should never leave home without.

Travel Size Tissues

Life is messy, both figuratively and literally. Be prepared for the unexpected runny nose or watery allergy eyes with a travel size pack of tissues. Also perfect for quick makeup fixes like blotting your lipstick or cleaning up smudged eyeliner.

Compact Mirror

Unfortunately, we can’t always rely on the kindness of others to let us know when we have something stuck in our teeth or on our faces. A lot of things can happen to our faces throughout the day, so having a mirror handy is vital to ensuring you are putting your best face forward. Forgot your mirror? Your cellphone can double as a mirror in an instant.

Lip Essentials

You’re never fully dressed without lipstick, right? Whether you’re a lipstick kind of girl or prefer a hydrating lip balm, make sure you stick some chapstick or your favorite lip color in your bag before leaving the house. Soft, moisturized lips can help you feel more confident and adding a bit of lip color can brighten up anyone’s day!

Breath Mints/Gum

Maybe you’re sitting through meetings all day or bite into a sandwich that has a hidden onion on it. Make sure your breath is always minty fresh with mints or gum, especially for chance encounters with the boss or your new love interest.

Hand Sanitizer

Think about all the places your hands have been throughout the day and all the things they have touched. Germs are everywhere so carrying a travel size hand sanitizer is the perfect way to protect yourself and get clean on the run.

Mini Deodorant

Stress can get the best of us at any time. Don’t risk smelling not so fresh and clean by having a mini deodorant on-the-go. Even better, pick up individually wrapped antiperspirant wipes that are discrete and easy to pack.

Now, you’ll be ready to put your best self forward at any time with these purse essentials.



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