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Day SpaBack to School for the Kids? Back to the Spa for You!

Back to School for the Kids? Back to the Spa for You!

August can always be a very busy and stressful month. The end of summer is looming, the vacation and weekend adventures are slowly returning to the big day when the kids return to school! And you’re all over everything, the leader of the schedule, and juggling the details, which can be overwhelming. It certainly will take a toll on your body and that never helps to try to balance it all! It’s time for the kids to go back to school – and for you to return to the spa!

Spa Benefits

There can be plenty said in the ways that parents find time to do it all. The number one most lacking aspect of this statement is the toll it takes on your body. Parents forgo their own needs for the sake of their families and that’s what makes them resilient. However, there is no excuse to not make it go right to give yourself the physical pampering you require to function properly, as well as be happy and healthy.

Lack of sleep, no time to eat healthily or regularly, these can sometimes occur and can expedite body issues because of it. Back problems, headaches, tension in the neck and shoulders, muscle pain and stiffness can all stem from overworking your body. This especially applies to parents and the load they carry each and every day to keep their family operating.

A spa is the exact place parents should visit after a hectic summer. No one should ever see a spa as a “splurge” and nothing more. A spa is the one place that a splurge is never about spending too much money on something that isn’t needed. A spa can save your mind and body with rest, relaxation, and care for areas of your body that have been accidentally neglected.

Massage therapy is the main spa service for parents that should be received regularly. Not only does it relieve stress and tension, but it also revives circulation and improves your immune system! The spa benefits can go on and on, with other services such as:

  • Hot stone, warm bamboo, cupping, reflexology, and customized massages for your exact needs and areas of concern!
  • Facials, including for the back, to clean, rejuvenate, and repair your skin!
  • Body treatments for full skin conditioning and boosting benefits!
  • Nail care in a tranquil setting, not a busy nail salon.
  • Professional makeup application or makeup lessons!
  • Brow work, from tinting, waxing, shaping, and more!
  • Lash extensions for easy flawless lashes without the work!
  • Waxing services for smooth skin and no self-hassle!

There is a common misconception that a spa is for lavish pampering and nothing else. This couldn’t be further from the truth when the health benefits and the stress that is relieved when a client walks in is immeasurable to money. There is nothing better than feeling recharged and your body finally functioning without pains, aches, and other nuisances that cause sleep issues or another ailment.

Botanica Day Spa in Clearwater, FL

Here at Botanica, our spa has been voted number one in several categories in Tampa Bay! This is no small feat and we ensure our highest level of professionalism and care to our clients for every service they walk through our doors for. Our massage therapists, aesthetician’s, and beauticians all work to deliver the very best results.

We care and enjoy bringing happiness and relief to our clients! We offer plenty of services and the latest in skin care trends as well. The benefits are boundless when you choose Botanica Day Spa as your spa of choice and we can’t wait to have you as a coveted client!



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