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Spa Tipping Guide - Botanica Day Spa

Spa Tipping Guide

It’s the one question that, after a relaxing spa service, sends you straight into a panic attack while checking out: “Would you like to add gratuity onto your service?”

Gratuity? Tipping?? What does it all mean? I have no clue what to leave. I don’t want my technician to think I didn’t like them. They did an amazing job, but I have no clue what to do.

We hate to think that your massage or facial could be spoiled by the stress of something like this. Truly, Botanica’s front desk staff does not expect you to do a lengthy math equation in your head after having what we refer to as “spa brain,” where your day-to-day worries have melted away. Thus we decided to put together a little spa tipping guide and shed some light with the hope of making your entire spa experience simpler and more relaxed, from beginning to end.

How Much Should I Tip At The Spa?

Tipping at a spa is very similar to tipping at a restaurant. Although most agree it’s pretty customary to tip 15-20% for your spa service, there are 2 schools of thought:

1. Based on the amount of time a technician spent with you.

For example, let’s say you come in for a massage and a pedicure—both services are an hour each, but the cost of the massage is higher. Despite this, you may decide to tip both of your technicians $10 each. In general, waxing appointments are usually tipped on amount of time spent with the technician.

2. Tipping based on the total of the dollar amount of the service provided.

This is a very common way to tip and is the simplest way to thank your technician for a job well done.

Some spas add gratuity or service fees into your price, but that is not our practice at Botanica. Tipping is entirely up to you, and our goal is to provide an amazing spa experience that makes you feel inspired to thank your technician. Every aesthetician appreciates these little gifts in the spirit they are given, so don’t stress too much about it.

Have more questions about spa etiquette? Ask us! Find us on Facebook or send us an email and maybe your question will get answered (anonymously) in an upcoming blog!


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