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Botanica’s Fascia Massage

When considering our basic needs regarding physical health and comfort, we often focus a lot of attention on our main organs, systems and muscles.  If you feel sore, tired or uncomfortable, you may consider that poor diet, illness or muscle fatigue is to blame.  You may rarely, if ever, consider your body’s fascia.  Perhaps you don’t even know what fascia is.  However, considering fascia’s huge presence and vital role throughout your entire body, it is beneficial to understand fascia and what can be done to keep it healthy, relaxed and working smoothly.

Understanding Fascia

Fascia is densely-woven, fibrous connective tissue that covers and penetrates every single bone, muscle, nerve, artery, vein and internal organ in the body.  Healthy fascia provides a valuable structure and support to the body so that it can operate smoothly as designed and desired.  Unhealthy fascia that is dehydrated or weakened can become taut and “sticky”–adhering uncomfortably to the body structures and organs it’s meant to encase–or it can start tearing away from these structures or organs and developing holes in its structure.  Even if you’ve never heard of fascia before, chances are you are aware of its undesirable effects.  The unpleasant, “bumpy” appearance of cellulite is actually the result of unhealthy fascia tearing away and allowing underlying layers of body fat to push through.

Fascia massage, medicupping, and fascia blasting all help to promote fascia repair by reducing stress and strain on fascia fibers, increasing blood flow, improving nerve conductivity and increasing interstitial fluid flow.  It can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, love handles, saddle bags and belly bulge.  It can also work to break down fat tissues, improve muscle performance, reduce pain, improve lymph drainage and accelerate muscle recovery. 

Botanica’s Fascia Massage is an invigorating treatment, designed to penetrate deep into your body in order to resolve taut, “sticky”, torn or damaged fascia tissue that may be responsible for your restricted mobility, pain, unsightly cellulite dimpling and much more.  It may result in some bruising and discoloration, but our licensed and certified myofascial therapist works hard to ensure that the treatment is both effective and comfortable, delivered at the level your body needs while also ensuring you receive the most benefit.  Healthy fascia tissue allows us to look better, move better and feel better, so a vigorous fascia massage is well worth it as it can ensure that you experience the full benefits of healthy fascia tissue.



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