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4 Ways to Find Balance With Essential Oils This Fall

Fall is often viewed as a season of wonderful and very welcome change. Especially after a long, hot summer, the transition into the cooler fall season can help one to feel refreshed and renewed.  However, the transition into cooler weather and shorter days can be difficult.  That is, unless they are able to maintain a healthy balance throughout the transition.  Essential oils can help to make it so.

Balancing With Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural oils found in the seeds, bark, stem, roots, flowers and other parts of plants, and they carry the aroma of that plant.  Essential oils have long since been used for both spiritual and physical benefits, helping an individual to achieve balance despite a variety of conditions.  Following are four ways you can find balance with essential oils during the fall season:

1. Fill your home with the aroma of spice and citrus.  Diffusing spice and citrus essential oils, such as cinnamon, clove, fennel, orange or tangerine, in your home can help stimulate the pleasurable feelings that naturally come with the fall season.  These fragrant oils can work to inspire comfort, abundance, safety, security and satisfaction.

2. Use warm essential oils for massages or baths.  Massages and warm baths seem to fit perfectly into the fall season, as they allow one to relax and unwind. By adding essential oils into these experiences, one can reap their full benefits.  Nutmeg, black pepper and bay are comforting essential oils that work wonderfully for both massages and baths.

3. Create body oil, lotion or perfume with citrus essential oils.  Obviously, the extensive benefits of essential oils are best obtained when one is surrounded by their aroma as continually as possible.  By creating a body oil, lotion or perfume with citrus essential oils such as mandarin orange or spicy neroli, one can experience the refreshing, fulfilling scent of these oils throughout the day.

4. Make a natural fall spice potpourri using essential oils.  With mixed spices like cloves, allspice berries, bay leaf, cinnamon sticks and nutmegs, along with cassia bark essential oil sprinkled over the top, you can create a highly fragrant, pleasing and natural fall spice potpourri that works to relax you and help you find balance.

With the natural changes and cooling that occur during the fall season as well as the comforting and relaxing benefits of essential oils, one can smoothly transition and find the balance they need to maintain good health.



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