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Day SpaFabulous & Accurate Facts to Book a Spa Appointment ASAP

Fabulous & Accurate Facts to Book a Spa Appointment ASAP

Fabulous & Accurate Facts to Book a Spa Appointment ASAP

Most women heartily agree that a trip to the spa is the ultimate way to pamper themselves, and they wish they could go more often.  Actually, regular trips to the spa are highly beneficial to one’s physical and mental health, and should, therefore, be a priority for every woman.


In addition to a basic desire to go and relax at the spa, following are some other, very valid reasons for booking a spa appointment this month:

Spas can allow you to “get away” and take a moment to truly relax.  It is not unusual, especially during the busy holiday season, for us to get carried away and drive ourselves to the point of exhaustion.  When you enter a spa, the entire environment demands that one takes the time to relax and disconnect from the real world for a little while, which can allow your body and mind to actually relax and begin repairing.

Massages can help to increase your overall immunity.  Whether or not we want to admit it, most of us experience stress on a pretty regular basis.  Unfortunately, in addition to making us feel stressed out, stress can actually reduce our body’s immunity.  Massages relax the entire body, relieving muscle tension and stress, which in turn can help increase your immunity.

Facials and body scrubs can improve your skin’s health.  No matter how hard we may try to take proper care of our skin at home, we simply cannot achieve as deep or thorough a cleaning as aestheticians.  The facial treatments and body scrubs performed at the spa are designed for one’s specific skin type, more concentrated and can give far more powerful results.

Spas provide the most luxurious and satisfying manicures and pedicures.  While nail salons may try their very best, they simply cannot duplicate the spa experience.  Spa manicures and pedicures provide the time that is needed to truly attend to your nail care, and provide you with the most relaxing service possible.

Spa Services at Botanica Spa

The first option could the Botanica’s Signature Pedicure. While you may have enjoyed sporting your favorite boots this winter, your feet are likely in need of some extra love and attention now.  Our Signature Pedicure not only pampers your feet, but gives you a little TLC as well with an added eye treatment. All of this, while indulging in complimentary champagne and chocolates! Your feet will receive a relaxing massage and your toes will sparkle and shine with a fresh coat of gel polish.

Another fabulous spa service is any one of our amazing facials! Consider dermaplaning, which is performed by a trained professional who carefully removes the top layer of dead, clogged skin on your face and neck, revealing more radiant, youthful skin underneath. Facials similarly exfoliate and nourish the skin, giving it a youthful glow!

And why not remove that pesky winter fuzz with a Brazilian wax! Waxing your legs, your bikini area, your arms, your back and even your upper lip and eyebrows can have many wonderful benefits, including exfoliation, extending the time before new hair growth appears, allowing for finer, thinner hair, and much, much more.

You deserve it.  Perhaps the most important reason to book a spa appointment is because you deserve it.  Working hard should always yield a highly desirable reward, as this helps to give one a purpose for their hard work.  Not only is a trip to the spa remarkably beneficial to your overall physical and mental health, it is a well-deserved treat we should all take advantage of every now and again.



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