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Eyelash Extension Reviews

Eyelash Extension Review: A Client’s Perspective

At Botanica, we know that hearing real client stories and testimonials is sometimes the best way to determine if a product or service is something you’d like to try yourself. Eyelash extensions have recently become a popular trend both at our little day spa in Clearwater, FL and at spas throughout the country.

(If you’d like to read more about eyelash extensions, FAQs and see a video of how this service is done, check out this blog.)

I recently asked a couple of our clients to write down their experiences with getting the semi-permanent lash extensions with our trained technicians. I hope reading these eyelash extension reviews help you to make up your mind whether this service is for you:

My Experience Getting Eyelash Extensions at Botanica

eyelash extensions review

Client Submission: Before and after. (All photos, no makeup.)

“My eyelash appointment started with a little consultation. She first looked at my existing lashes and chatted with me about my lifestyle (busy, gym, sweaty, low maintenance, etc.) We decided on a fairly simple  look with light-weight silk lashes that would look natural and not too over the top.

“The lash application process itself is pretty simple. You lay down and close your eyes, and she puts an eye pad over your eyes to prevent the bottom lashes from sticking to the top. (This pad was uncomfortable on my eye for a second, but I asked her to adjust it and then it was fine.) She then individually places extensions onto every single one of your natural eyelashes, and the whole thing takes about an hour and a half.

“When I opened my eyes to see how it looked, I was honestly blown away. Zero makeup on, and my eyes still looked defined. It’s been nearly two weeks since I had my lashes done and I haven’t worn a speck of mascara since.

“At the end of the application step, the technician took some time to go over maintenance and what to expect, etc. She also recommended an oil-free makeup cleansing product and a lash brush, both of which I use regularly.

“I would highly recommend eyelash extensions to anyone looking for an even lower maintenance makeup routine than they already have. I often leave the house with no makeup on and still feel confident with a fresh, clean face!” -C.F.

More Eyelash Extension Testimonials

“I’ve been getting lash extensions for the past year from other various salons and have been unhappy with the results. After making the switch to Botanica for all my lash fills, I have been extremely pleased. Not only do the lashes look fuller, longer and exactly how I envisioned them; but they also last WAY longer than the lashes from previous salons. The lashes from Botanica do not cause damage to my natural lashes nor do they fall out or shed easily. I would highly recommend Botanica for lash extensions and their other services!” -M.D.

“I’ve been wearing these lashes that I got from Botanica for two years now! I love them! They’re super soft and are so natural that they look real! When I wake up in the morning I look amazing even without makeup! And that’s the best part.” -C.Z.

Be sure to check out our Specials page to see what discounts we’re currently offering on eyelash enhancement services. If you’re ready to book an appointment, give us a call at 727-441-1711 today!



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