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Sugar vs Salt Scrub

Body polishes are one of the least talked about spa services. When people think about going to a spa what typically comes to mind is nail services, waxing, and massage therapy. Many people have never heard of body polishes, but these polishes have a lot to offer. A body polish is a thorough skin exfoliation technique that rids you of hard, dead skin cells and leaves you with a layer of rejuvenated, bright, soft skin underneath. One spa blog, T@lk Spas, reports that body polishes are “…one of the most luxurious and refreshing spa activities one can indulge in.” Not only do body glows have skin benefits, but they have health benefits as well! They are known for improving blood and lymph circulation and helping for fight cellulite.

Body polishes involve different types of scrubs/glows. The two that we are going to discuss are the sugar glow and the salt glow.

Sugar scrubs are perfect for winter! They deeply moisturize your skin, leaving it hydrated for longer. The recipe for sugar body scrubs are often based with natural sugar, granulated sugar, or brown sugar. The raw sugar in the sugar glow sheds off old skin. The essential oils that are in the glow are used to help moisturize the new fresh layer of skin. Emily Davidson Hoyt, writer for the Huffpost Healthy Living blog, explains that “…sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxyl acid that penetrates that skin and breaks down the “glue” that bonds skin cells, encouraging cell turnover and generating fresher, younger-looking skin.” This is especially beneficial to sun-damaged and aging skin. The sugar granules in the sugar glow are actually gentler than salt-which can sometimes cause tears in the skin. In addition, since sugar glows are made from sugar, they are generally more hydrating than salt scrubs-which can remove natural oils from skin.

sugar scrub

Most salt scrub has sea salts as a key ingredient. While sugar scrubs are great for skin hydration, salt scrubs are excellent at removing toxins that block the pores of the skin. Salt scrubs are a little bit rougher on the skin due to the sharper edges on salt, so these scrubs are more commonly used on the rough skin of the body rather than the face. The abrasive characteristic of salt scrub is great for removing dead skin on your feet and elbows. Salt scrubs contain minerals that improve circulation, purify the skin, and relax your muscles. If you’re looking for skin detoxification, salt glow is the way to go.

You can purchase these glows separately and apply them to yourself at home, if you want to try a glow without getting a body polish at a spa. If you’re trying it at home what you do is just massage the body glow into your skin, let it shed old, dead skin cells and hydrate the new skin cells, and then gently rinse off. You can easily do this in the shower.

When deciding between salt glow and sugar glow, consider what you’re trying to achieve for your skin. Do you want to hydrate or detoxify your skin? Whichever you choose, know that you are going to feel the benefit of fresh, rejuvenated skin once you are done.



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