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EyelashesMajor Tips on How to Keep Eyelash Extensions Longer
how to keep your eyelash extensions longer

Major Tips on How to Keep Eyelash Extensions Longer

Most of us have tried eyelash extensions at one point or another, right? And maybe now that you’re hooked to fabulously long lashes, you want to know more about how to keep your eyelash extensions longer and avoid a sooner refill appointment – and that’s a good idea! Here we put together a bunch of tips and information to know on how to keep your eyelash extensions longer. Here we go!

Tips for Keeping Lash Extensions on Longer

The idea of full, thick, inky-black lashes 24 hours a day is undoubtedly dreamy. And it’s possible with lash extensions! The process takes an hour and a half or more and when finished, you’re left with a natural-looking set of fluttery lashes. (You’ll be totally in love with them.) They look incredible and up your confidence level for IG worthy selfies anytime!

Plus, they made my morning routine so much easier (no mascara, no more removing little bits of mascara I’d inevitably smudge elsewhere on my face). The bliss will last for about two weeks, or more than that if you know how to keep lash extensions longer, but just like with natural lashes, your extensions fall out along with your real ones – it’s all part of the regeneration process with our bodies!

To avoid them looking sparse or crisscrossing each other, the best tips are to:

  • Brush them
  • Avoid rubbing them
  • Don’t use oil-based makeup removers
  • Wash them gently on a regular basis

To brush them, use a disposable mascara spoolie to brush them out each morning—it’ll help you maintain them longer and avoid the dreaded crisscross lash effect.

Rubbing your lashes when you have extensions is a sure way to loosen the adhesive for your lashes and shorten the time between fillers. If you have an itch or something in your eye, quickly head to a mirror and watch what you’re doing while using the tip of your finger (or a mascara wand or q-tip) to fix the situation.

Oil-based makeup removers are your falsies worst enemy. The oils break down the adhesive much quicker than water-based ones, making your lash investment null and void.

Washing your lashesseems counterproductive, but on the contrary, washing them gently with your face wash helps keep them free of dirt, natural oils, and debris that are commonly caught in our lashes on a daily basis. Be very gentle and don’t rub, but think of it like washing your hands to keep germs off.

More Tips for Lash Extensions

If mascara is pretty much non-negotiable but the hassle of applying it everyday is building up for you, then lash extensions are absolutely the right choice for you. You can even get your real lashes tinted if they’re lighter, or even blonde, to help make your eyes pop and blend more naturally with your lash extensions.

Imagine waking up with a full fringe of eyelashes and going to work without putting on any makeup at all. That’s what you can get with lash extensions! Another pro tip: be careful where you go to get them done. Most nail salons have certified cosmologists or estheticians who specialize in nails, not for working on the eye area and therefore, are not as versed with application. When this happens, you can look forward to seeing your lash extensions and real ones coming off much sooner than they should (yikes right?)!

How can you spot the difference in a lash specialist versus someone who should not be doing your lash extensions? The amount of time your appointment is. If it takes her 30 minutes to evaluate your eye area, apply the extensions, and let them dry – that’s a huge red flag. (Minimum lash appointments are an hour and thirty minutes!) Operating this quickly meant rough handling on your natural lashes, leading to a pillowcase massacre or lashes dropping like a fresh mix tape around the house, on your clothes, cheeks, you name it. Losing that many lashes can scar you from ever getting lash extensions again, so please take the time to research a professional specializing in lash extensions!

Pro tip for anyone interested in lash extensions is to thoroughly research your lash artist. See a licensed esthetician who specializes in eyelashes, rather than a cosmetologist. If you’re concerned about damage, try a lash lift and tint before you try extensions.

If you’re worried about harming your natural lashes, don’t be. Lash extension specialists will educate you on how to keep your natural lashes healthy while you have your falsies in. One great way is with lash growing formulas like RevitaLash. This way your natural lashes can grow long and strong just like your lash extensions! Use RevitaLash between fillers (right around the two-week mark) or when you give your lashes a break from extensions.

The Best Lash Extensions in Clearwater

At Botanica Day Spa, we’ve been voted the #1 Lash Extensions in the Tampa Bay area for several years! We have the best in the business when it comes to professional lash extensions and we take that namesake very seriously. Book the best lash extension you’ll ever have (and keep coming back for more) with Botanica today! Call 727-441-1711 or make your appointment online here.



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