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How Your Home Environment Could Be Hindering Your Beauty Routine

One of the wonderful things about being at home is being in an inviting and comfortable environment that allows us to take a break from the challenging real-world environments we spend a lot of time in. We often believe that many of the undesirable beauty issues we encounter, such as unsightly skin breakouts, originate from the stresses of the real world, and therefore having someplace comfortable to retreat to can help us calm down and relax. Unfortunately, it may actually be the other way around in that our home environment, not the real-world environment, is responsible for our beauty issues.

How Our Home Environment Affects Our Beauty Routine

It just so happens that those elements that help to make your home comfortable can also adversely affect your body. Fortunately, when you understand this, you can do something about it. For example, the heating and cooling system in your home tends to remove a lot of the moisture that is naturally in the air, which can result in dry hair, skin, and nails. A humidifier can help to put moisture back into the air, which can not only help prevent dry hair, skin, and nails but can also help you achieve deeper, more restful sleep.

Another part of your home environment that can affect your body is the regular use of hard water. This hard water contains a lot of minerals which can weigh down your hair and deprive it of its natural shine. You can use a whole-house water purifying system to remove as many of these minerals as possible or be more specific in directing your efforts to the bathroom. Some shower head filters are made specifically to trap minerals so that your hair is unaffected.

If you keep having regular skin breakouts, despite your best efforts to prevent them through at-home treatment and monthly professional facials, you may need to change your bedsheets. While it may be disgusting to consider, the fact is that your bedsheets routinely trap and retain large amounts of oil and bacteria, which you are then in very close contact with every night as you sleep on these sheets. Cleaning your sheets more frequently, at least once every week, can help to eliminate this buildup and better protect your skin.

With just a little effort, your home can be the relaxing escape you want it to be–without hindering your beauty routine and causing you unnecessary frustration.



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