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MassageIntroducing New Reiki Massage at Botanica
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Introducing New Reiki Massage at Botanica

We are very excited to add a brand new massage service to our growing list of favs! The Reiki Massage is a technique that is unique, powerful, and promises to deliver a whole new level of experience to your regular massage session! If you’re stressed, both mentally and physically, and struggle with finding energy to get through the day, then you should not pass up the opportunity to try this special service!

What can you expect when you book a Reiki Massage at Botanica Day Spa?

Read more to find out…

What is Reiki?

Usui Reiki is an ancient form of Japanese energy healing dating back thousands of years. The word Reiki means *Universal Life Force. This Universal Life Force energy is in and around all of us. A Reiki practitioner is used as a guide, or a channel for this intelligent energy to flow exactly where it’s needed on the client’s behalf for Balance, Awakening, Healing, and Transformation. 

Some Benefits of Reiki Healing are as follows:

  • Restored Energy Balance
  • Improved Clarity & Focus
  • Increased Awareness
  • Improved Mood
  • Decreased Pain
  • Assists in Processing Trauma or Grief
  • Improved Sleep

Can you imagine being able to concentrate so much better at work? What about going to bed not feeling completely burnt out and waking up without cursing your alarm clock? The benefits of Reiki Massage are not something you should pass up, and definitely worth trying at least once to see what they can do for you and your entire life force!

What to Expect from a Reiki Massage Session

During a Reiki session the client will be lying flat on the table, fully clothed, (unless the session incorporates massage.) The room will be quiet with the exception of light soothing sounds or music. The session will begin with the practitioner scanning the clients *biofield or *aura three times for energy blockages, and remove any superficial energy buildup.

Following this, the Reiki practitioner will use specific hand placements lightly on, or just above the client’s body to channel the Universal Life Force energy. The client may feel warm, cold, tingling sensations or nothing at all. The most interesting part about this sensation is that everyone can have a different reaction to the practitioners hands! Will you feel their hands warm or cold? Pulsations are sometimes felt during the energy healing process – will that be yours?

All one needs to do during their Reiki session is surrender, and trust that the intelligence of *Source energy will go exactly where it’s needed most. 

Before & After Care


  • Alcohol
  • Excessive Caffeine 
  • Drugs 
  • Tobacco
  • Poor Diet (refined sugars, and junk food)

This is to ensure best results, consuming inflammatory products hurts the body and makes it difficult.

Get good rest and stay hydrated!

Reiki Massage at Botanica

Has your curiosity been piqued yet? This is a very special form of massage that encapsulates an ancient technique into the modern world, and I swear, we haven’t had anything like this before at the spa. Be open to experiencing something new, have an open mind when you come in for the service, and trust in your Reiki Practitioner/Massage Therapist to deliver a truly one of a kind spa day!

We only have one massage therapist currently as our Advanced Reiki Practitioner, and the traditional recommendation for Reiki is four sessions, so snap up an appointment before there’s a waitlist. In this evolving age of technology and post-COVID lifestyle, what’s trying a new massage going to be but enlightening you to something that could genuinely become your new getaway!

Call Botanica today at 727-441-1711 to book your Reiki appointment or book online here.




*Biofield/aura -field of energy and information that surrounds the body.

*Universal Life Force – creative, intelligence, divine spirit, prana, source, energy. This means different things for different people, or people will use different language to describe the same thing.

*Source – that which everything comes from. Some people – divine, God, love, light, higher power etc.

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