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Why Clarisonic?

Washing your face is an everyday routine, which most people don’t put too much thought into. Most people think as long as you wash your face twice a day, it doesn’t matter. What you use to wash your face and how you wash your face is actually very important.

When you’re washing your face, you should be removing makeup, bacteria, dirt, dead skin, etc. from your face. Not washing your face can cause clogged pores, acne, and even infection in some cases. Not to mention your skill will look dull. Cleansing your skin is one of the most important steps in your morning beauty routine and in your evening winding down routine.

What you use to cleanse your face is also important. Most people think removing their make up and rubbing cleanser on their face with their fingers is enough to cleanse their skin. Sadly, this is not enough. Most of the dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria, and make up are not being removed. I’m not saying you should spend all morning cleansing your skin, and I’m not saying you should be putting so much effort and energy into it. There is a simple solution.

It is a simple yet highly effective product on the market- the Clarisonic. The Clarisonic is a revolutionary product in the field of skincare. It’s the #1 cleansing brush recommended by leading dermatologists, aestheticians and spa professionals. The Clarisonic Sonic Method uses a combination of sonic devices and effective skincare formulas to transform skin’s texture and appearance. The reason the Clarisonic works so well, is because it works with the skin’s natural elasticity. It pulses and spins at a sonic frequency that produces over 300 movements per second. It releases dirt and oil trapped under your skin, and leaves your pores pure, empty of unwanted dirt, dead skin, makeup etc.
Clinical results have shown that the Clarisonic cleanses six times better than when you manually cleanse! Before and after results have shown that the Clarisonic

before and after of the clarisonic

before and after of the clarisonic

Before and after results have shown that the Clarisonic gets rid of all residual make up, when manual cleansing only gets rid of about 80% of it. Not only does the Clarisonic fully cleanse your pores, but it also primes your skin for better absorption of topical treatments. Studies have shown that after using a Clarisonic there is up to 61% greater absorption of Vitamin C. Using the Clarisonic two times a day is recommended.

The Clarisonic can help with all skin types! You can use it if you have a concern on fine lines and wrinkles; the Clarisonic creates smoother and softer skin and primes the skin for absorption of anti-aging treatments. For oily skin it efficiently removes excess oil without causing irritation. Enlarged pores can also be reduced by the Clarisonic’s back and forth rotation, which releases trapped debris. If you have dry skin it can reduce dry and rough patches to give your skin a softer look and feel. Because the Clarisonic unplugs pores, it is helpful in improving acne-prone skin. It also primes the skin for acne skincare treatments. The Clarisonic can be used to handle any of these skin problems or other non-optimum conditions, including rosacea.

The Clarisonic is the product you need if you’re looking to properly cleanse your pores of debris, excess oil, dry patches, and acne. It only takes a minute to fully cleanse your face with the Clarisonic! It saves you time and effort while giving you the results you need.



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