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MassageThe Warm Bamboo Massage: Prepare for Ultimate R&R
bamboo massage

The Warm Bamboo Massage: Prepare for Ultimate R&R

There is nothing better than going to the spa. After a stressful week and no time for yourself, indulging in spa services is just heavenly. Not only is the tranquil atmosphere the perfect setting to unwind, destress and feel the utmost relaxed, but you’re doing your body more than you think when choosing a massage.

Why the Warm Bamboo Massage is Fire

We don’t mean literally on fire, but the coined phrase of being the trending item of the moment. When you choose to have a massage, you are ultimately making the decision to give back to your hard-working body with the best type of thank you. With the warm bamboo massage, this form of massage therapy is unlike your normal form and style.

Using a bamboo cane, it becomes the massage therapist’s hands in this service. The knots and natural ridges of bamboo work like a massage therapists fingers and elbows to knead and dig into the muscles. Surprisingly, the bamboo massage can offer deeper and firmer massage than by a massage therapists hands. They vary in size during this massage to allow for smaller parts of the body, like the hands and feet, to be worked on without causing discomfort.

The warm bamboo massage is ideal for energizing and spreading calm throughout your body, which we could all use from time to time. The bamboo has been using for centuries as a technique of ancient massage therapy to handle several physical problems or issues, such as:

  • Migraines. Working along the neck and shoulders will grant great release of pressure that causes headaches of varying degrees.
  • Back Pain. The bamboo massage can work out back problems better than other forms of massage therapy with the use of the cane.
  • Circulation. Able to reach deeper into the tissue, the function of circulation is increased and regulated.
  • Respiratory Problems. The release of tension and promoting of relaxation and calmness allows the respiratory system to breathe easier.
  • Post-Injury Rehabilitation. The bamboo cane is an essential tool in working out knots, tension, and muscle pain that can form after an injury.

Athletes enjoy the warm bamboo massage for the benefits of working deeper into the muscles and tendons to release stressed or sore areas. For anyone heavily working out, or starting anew, this massage will give you immense relief and release of tension that a deep-tissue massage cannot provide. The bamboo cane is able to reach further into the different limbs and parts of your body to better massage out the muscles that even the toughest hands can’t offer.

Botanica Day Spa Bamboo Massage

At our spa, the warm bamboo massage is a great asset. With plenty of sports teams, including the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Tampa Bay Rays, this massage is wonderful for athletes, but also for those who don’t touch a sport. Sitting at a desk or standing on your feet all day can bring uncomfortable back, hip, calf, and neck pain.

With the warm bamboo massage, the bamboo cane is heated to allow deeper penetration into the muscles, mixing massage therapy techniques with heat. As we know, heat can relax muscles and create an easier canvas of the body for massage penetration. This may sound severe, however, this massage is deeply relaxing and therapeutic while working out your muscles.

The serenity of healing and helping your body lets your mind rest as well, charging up for another busy week ahead. Taking care of yourself is very important; a stressed body will have a weakened immune system, unrested sleep, lackluster skin, and a less positive mood. Choose to make well your body and the rest of you will feel the wonderful effects too.

Call Botanica Day Spa today at 727-441-1711 to book your massage appointment or make it online! We look forward to aiding your relaxation and healing with the warm bamboo massage (or other spa services we offer!)!



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