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MassageWhat is Fascia & Why This Massage at Botanica Day Spa is Calling You
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What is Fascia & Why This Massage at Botanica Day Spa is Calling You

Everyone does some sort of exercise on a daily basis, no matter how little. Even walking and sitting down throughout the day constitute a type of exercise to your muscles. Granted, it certainly does much to the strength of your muscles on such low bars of it, but it is common for people who stand or sit for a living to experience muscle pain, soreness, and cramps. Did you know there’s a specific massage that can greatly help with muscles and it’s not Swedish!

What is Fascia?

This part of your body has had little time in the limelight and is mostly known to heavy gym enthusiast, physical therapists, and bodybuilders. Fascia is a connective tissue that resembles webs of bands. They wrap around all the internal parts of the body to fuse them together to muscle. Its function is to reduce friction and allow the muscles to move freely with the other structures of the body, like muscle, bones, nerves, organs, cells, and blood vessels.

Fascia binds all of these together to work properly. When you work out, pull something, feel a strain in your muscles, it could actually be the fascia acting up and not your muscles. The fascia bands are composed of collagen, which is built on amino acids, giving it the elasticity. Fascia can become too tense and restrict movement, whether by injury, improperly exercising (not stretching, working out too hard and not on a gradient, etc.), or ill nutrition.

Fascia tension can be just as painful as muscle tension and difficult to treat without proper knowledge and handling for it. A fascia blaster massage is targeted to release the hard and tense fascia tissue to promote the regulation of its elasticity and movement for itself and all other counterparts surrounding it. A Fascia Blaster is used in this massage, and stars in the title of the same name, which is a massage tool formulated to open fascia tissue.

A few other terrific improvements that the Fascia Blaster does are:

  • Help circulation
  • Improve muscle performance
  • Break apart cellulite
  • Reduce fat

Since fascia covers your body from head to toe, the uses for the Fascia Blaster are many and is meant to create definition, relieve pain, and better the performance of athletes. The fact that it can shrink fat underneath the skin and smooth out cellulite makes it ideal for women as well, who want that extra boost to break through stubborn body issues.

Everyone has fascia and taking the time to ensure that you relieve tense or hardened fascia is important for physical well being. Even if you’re not active at the gym, smoothing out fascia promotes just better overall function with your muscles. The fascia blaster massage works on several different problems, each one to your benefit. Not only does a fascia blaster massage use the Fascia Blaster prominently in the service, with the help of this tool, you’ll see improved blood flow and lymph drainage.

The lymph carries waste away from tissues, so they don’t bind and remain in your system, instead moving it toward the heart, where the body naturally can break it down and remove it. The fascia blaster massage is a true health and wellness service that goes above relaxation.

Botanica’s Fascia Blaster Massage

At Botanica Day Spa, the fascia blaster massage can bring you ultimate relief and better function that you may not have realized needed help. Not only will you see fat and cellulite reducing, but your muscles and recovery time between working out will be markedly improved! There’s nothing like seeing results, but also not having to feel the pain and discomfort of muscle pain or fascia tension from your exertions.

If your body seems tense, it might not be what you think – it could be fascia acting up. Come to Botanica Day Spa and see what a fascia blaster massage can do for you. Book your spa appointment online or call us at 727-441-1711 and feel the very best relief for your entire body!



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