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MassageLearn About the Benefits of an Amethyst Blanket: What Exactly is This Massage Booster?

Learn About the Benefits of an Amethyst Blanket: What Exactly is This Massage Booster?

When you go to the spa, you may have seen on the service menu the add-on of an amethyst blanket? You were probably curious about it. “What is that? A blanket made of amethyst gems?” Not quite, but similar concept. Is there more to an amethyst than just a pretty gemstone? Absolutely! The benefits of adding an amethyst blanket to your massage are well and truly going to become your new favorite part of your relaxing spa service.

Amethyst Blanket Facts

An amethyst blanket, or bio mat, is a staple in any spa that truly cares about the well-being and stress-reducing aid to their clients. A bio mat is a professional wellness tool utilized for several years, though has not had its time in fame yet. It should, as what an amethyst blanket can do for you on multiple scales is no small feat.

The bio mat is ideal for people seeking relief from pain and muscular and joint problems. As cool as it may sound to have a blanket of glittering purple gemstones (how Instagram fab!) over you during a massage, that is not the case of a bio mat. What it actually does is combine the healing power of amethyst stones, far infrared, and negative ions that is laid underneath you on the massage table.

For infrared is the warm energy in humans, animals, and plants, though emitted from the sun. Far infrared is harnessed electronically in the amethyst blanket and raises the body’s surface temperature, allowing the higher heat to increase circulation by promoting dilation of the blood vessels, as well as improve flexibility.

Negative ions are mostly found in air purifiers, known for sterilizing the air from pollen, dust, bacteria, and other environmental air impurities. It also has wonderful health benefits, which many are unaware of, such as increasing oxygen levels in the blood, restoring healthy pH levels in the blood, increasing metabolism, and strengthening the immune system. Both of these energies are added to the intensity and healing powers of amethyst to create a bio mat that can bring you relief from nearly every corner of your body.

An amethyst blanket can have purple in its fabric coloring, however, the bio mat is revolutionary in that it can do the following for your health and wellbeing with the three powerful components of amethyst, negative ions, and infrared therapy:

  • Improved immune system function
  • Better circulation and cardiovascular function
  • Pain relief
  • Increased metabolism
  • Weight Control
  • Relief from joint pain and stiffness
  • Lowered stress and fatigue levels
  • Improved skin health
  • Balance throughout the body

There are many layers that make up an amethyst blanket and all promote the improvement of your body in many ways. Believe it or not, there are 17 layers of a bio mat! Silk cotton, concentrated ceramics, Japanese super fiber, and semiconductor heating plates are just a few of these impressive layers. They all work to perfectly target negative ions, amethyst, and far infrared rays to penetrate your skin and bring you lasting relief and better bodily functions.

Botanica Day Spa Massage Boosters

The amethyst blanket is a massage booster at Botanica that will send your spa trip to the next level of comfort, relaxation, and healing. The name “booster” is perfectly placed for it truly elevates your massage experience. A professional massage is meant to reduce stress, relieve tension or pain, and give you a sense of harmony in a tranquil setting.

At Botanica Day Spa, adding a massage booster is the next best thing to receiving the ultimate spa getaway, even just for an hour or two. Whether you’ve never had a massage, only receive one rarely, or get them on a normal basis, an amethyst blanket is something you have to try alongside whichever type of massage you choose. The far infrared rays inside of it are the same as an infrared sauna and you can’t beat the incredible benefits of it!

Call us today at 727-441-1711 or book your massage appointment online! We can’t wait to service you with the best massage and the added booster of an amethyst blanket!



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