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Why a Spa Membership Needs to Happen for You

It may seem indulgent to consider having a spa membership but think about the benefits of having a gym membership, being part of a country club, or having a Costco membership. What do all of these have in common? Any of these memberships offer you goods in exchange for the monthly fee at a discounted price. The same applies for a spa membership! It not only offers discounted services, but it can give you a mental and spiritual break that all of us need from our busy lives.

Benefits of a Spa Membership

You may have considered a spa membership in the past. You might have thought about the amazing benefits of having a monthly credit on account at a spa. It almost seems like a dream that couldn’t be made possible! This is totally not the case. A membership is very easy to obtain and not at all as expensive as you may think!

At Botanica Day Spa, a membership here comes in three tiers. The breakdown of each level goes like this:

·        Silver Level Membership – a simple $99 per month fee with the addition of receiving 10% off retail purchases in the spa so you can stock up on skincare, knickknacks, or nail polish! With this $99 credit on account, you can redeem it for several service options available, such as a 55-minute specialty facial, or an 85-minute massage. There are even mini-packages you can choose from to get a little touch of several services in one! All of these options are at discounted prices compared to their value cost. Amazing!

·        Gold Level Membership – this one is at $150 per month with the same 10% off retail in the front shop, though this one offers a selection of services at a higher value cost than what you pay for the monthly membership! Think about getting a massage AND facial for only $150! Talk about a serious deal!

·        Platinum Level Membership – for $199 per month, same 10% off retail applies but you have higher value combination offers of services that will blow your mind! Choose from a specialty facial, a custom, 55 min massage AND a mini exfoliating salt scrub or a full body wax with a soothing mini facial. You can’t beat this offer and the value price you receive for it!

Consider these options and any one of them can’t put you wrong. For the full list of services offered in each membership tier, visit the spa membership page.

Botanica Day Spa

At Botanica, you are treated like family and royalty at the same time. We love all of our clients and enjoy pampering every single person that walks into our spa. We are so grateful to our members because we know you care about your health and wellness to come see us every month, plus you receive the discounted cost of our services. Your body and mind care are very important, even to us, and we want to help you relax and recover so you are fully energized and ready to take on the world!

Botanica Day Spa has grown and expanded to accommodate you and offer you all the benefits of a wonderful spa experience. It’s our members and any client, whether new or a veteran goer, that drives us to give you the best possible spa trip possible. From massages to waxes, it’s all for you to benefit from and makes us happy we can service you. We have been voted Best in Tampa Bay for several of our services and it’s all for our care and desire to offer the best a spa can, just for you.

Visit Botanica Day Spa and become part of our beautiful family today!



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