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MassageWhy a Thai Fusion Massage Could Be Your Flexibility Savior
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Why a Thai Fusion Massage Could Be Your Flexibility Savior

We all want to be bendy and super flexible, even just for practicality reasons and posture, not necessarily for the cool Instagram stories you could add showing off your motion skills. There are many benefits to being flexible and Thai fusion is a great choice for achieving this, especially if you need a little extra help with your mobility. The major bonus of Thai fusion is it gives you the best of both flexibility and the relaxation of the regular massage technique as well.

Thai Fusion in Massage

We most commonly know of massages as kneading and using different pressures from the hands on the body to relieve muscles, soreness, and other body tensions. It’s also wonderful for reducing stress and opening circulation through the body, including relieving headaches. Thai fusion is a different form of massage, dating back twenty-five hundred years ago in India. Buddha’s own physician, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, created this type of yoga-style massage.

The focus of Thai massage is for proper movement, blood circulation, and energy flows. These are all important in the ability of motion and flexibility. Everyday stresses, aches, and continual muscle issues can lead to bad posture, limited movement, and depending on the longevity or severity of the body’s knots, soreness, injuries, and circulation can cause arthritis.

Thai fusion has incredible benefits when chosen as your massage, including:

·       Joint mobility. Yoga-like movements and positions help increase range of motion and allow the joints to bend and flex more easily.

·       Relieve muscle tension. The varying pressures applied during Thai fusion ease tense muscles and nerves, giving you relief from these problems.

·       Improved blood circulation. The movements, pressures, and manipulation during the massage let your circulation run freely and open up the blood vessels.

·       Reduce neck pain and headaches. The style of Thai fusion and multiple points of regular massage on top of it are done throughout the massage to release muscle tension, nerves, and blockages that can be the cause of upper body pains.

·       Reduce stress. It is a unique form of massage, blending both yoga-like positions after the professional massage therapist does normal massage techniques to prepare your body for the flexible positions. You gain tremendous mobility from it, as well as the comfort of loosening your muscles and joints creates great relaxation.

Thai fusion was adopted by Thailand and the Chinese; therefore, the techniques of both cultures are part of this massage. Energy flows have been a large part of Thai fusion, in that the blend of Chinese medicine in it works alongside energy meridians of the body to shift energy blockages and allow the flows to balance. This is said to create a much more relaxed and proper flowing body with increased flexibility.

Botanica’s Thai Fusion Massage

If you have back problems, or chronic body pains, Thai Fusion could be an excellent way for you to feel relief. With Thai Fusion massage, it is done on a massage bed, undressed to your comfort level, with oils or lotion in the service, unlike the Thai Massage we offer. They are different from each other as you receive a custom-based style massage to start with for this option, followed by the Thai fusion elements.

Body manipulation, as in yoga-type positions and stretching, is the main component of Thai fusion. The best part of this massage is that the professional masseuse does the majority of all the work, while you lay relaxed and allow them to freely move different sections of your body about for better range of motion. They bend, pull, rock, compress, put pressure, and all sorts of other formations with their hands and your limbs to create better functionality of your body. This causes a more smoothly flowing line in the body too, which can give your system a more open circulation.

As always, it’s important to tell your massage therapist about any discomfort or pains you feel and when they happen. Flexibility is not instantaneous and depending on the level of your restricted movements, it is best to keep your masseuse in the loop with how you feel so they can address it appropriately. This is a unique and delightful type of massage that can offer you great relief and flexibility, giving you a better range of motion and health benefits, as well as the soothing quality of a standard massage. Call Botanica today or book your Thai fusion massage appointment online and enjoy a new realm of mobility!



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