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Why Do I Have Dark Circles?


Dark Circles

Have you noticed dark circles under your eyes? You may be wondering what they are and how to handle them. Having bags under your eyes can give you an aged appearance, possibly more than wrinkles and grey hair. You can look exhausted and worn. Getting rid of these bags under your eyes can significantly improve your look. You will look fresher and more awake.

Typically, under eye circles are either brownish or bluish. Each color is a manifestation of a specific cause. Blue circles result from oxygenated blood that has accumulated under the thin skin below your eyes.

Blue circles can be more noticeable in the morning because we have been lying horizontal for a while and fluids accumulate and our veins expand to hold more blood. Blue circles appear to get worse with age because as we grow older we loose a certain kind of fat, subcutaneous fat, from under our skin. This fat normally masks the blueness below the surface, but as we loose it, the blue is more visible.

Brown circles, unlike blue circles, result from hyperpigmentation that can be caused by chronic eye rubbing, sun exposure, or genetics. Brown circles are more common among Asians and African Americans.

Once you find that you have dark circles, you’re going to want to get rid of them! What should you do? Many sources suggest using eye creams, especially those that contain vitamin K and retinol. These two ingredients have been known to reduce puffiness and discoloration. There are also many easy home remedies that you could try. Dermatologist Amy Wechsler sees many model patients and some of them have come up with a trick to get rid of their under eye circles. They take a teaspoon of ice water, and then use it to firmly massage fluid down and away from their undereye area before fashion shoots. These models are definitely on the right track, and so are the under-eye creams.

If you’re familiar with the Clarisonic products, you will be happy to know that their product- Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infuser, works great on under-eye circles. It’s an infuser that is specially designed to help build your skin’s resilience over time. It gently taps the skin around your eye at 200+ sonic movements per second. It does the job a lot better than massaging a teaspoon of ice water under your eye.

The Anti-Aging Sea Serum goes with the Opal and you just apply it to the applicator tip and turn on your Sonic Infuser. While using the Opal, you apply it following the rip of the bone outlining the eye area and you gently glide the applicator tip over the skin using small, circular motions. It’s best to use your Opal after cleansing with your Clarisonic, because your skin will be more receptive to absorption of skin care serums. The Opal applies serum evenly, deeply, and thoroughly beneath the skin’s surface. Your skin will be much more receptive to serum while you are using the Opal, compared to when you’re just using your finger.

You don’t need to look tired or aged; there is a solution! Whichever way you to choose to treat your dark circles-serums or massaging the area-the Opal can help you achieve maximum results.

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