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Eyelashes5 Reasons to Get Eyelash Extensions this Summer

5 Reasons to Get Eyelash Extensions this Summer

Have you ever admired a child’s long, luscious eyelashes and wished yours were the same? While some of us may not have been born with naturally long, beautiful eyelashes, those who enviously did have faded a bit over time. Or maybe our lighter skin tone and hair color simply mean that our lashes are not quite as dark or thick as we may desire.

Therefore, we do what we always do when we want to enhance a desirable beauty feature: we spend hours and hours every week and month in front of the mirror, applying mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow in order to help make our eyes pop the way we want them to. But maybe there is a faster, easier way to achieve the look we want this summer and that’s through eyelash extensions!

Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Eyelash Extensions

During the summertime, we often want a natural-looking beauty that is easy to achieve and even more easy to maintain. This means that you don’t want to spend nearly any time in the bathroom making your eyelashes and your eyes stand out or reapplying the mascara and eye makeup you sweated off or washed away in the pool. This is where eyelash extensions come incredibly handy! The following are just five fabulous ways that eyelash extensions can help to make your summer even more fun and ready for Instagram envy:

  • Professionally applied eyelash extensions look natural. Lash extensions are not a strip of artificial eyelashes applied to the lid that look bulky and obvious, but rather are individual extensions that are applied to your natural eyelashes one at a time with special bonding agents, great care, and precision. This makes your lashes look thicker and longer, naturally (the best part!), and without spending endless amounts of time enhancing them every day.
  • Professionally applied eyelash extensions won’t run or fall out during your summer activities. Unlike mascara and eye makeup, eyelash extensions won’t be ruined by water, sleep or exercise (you do need to take a little care of them). This means that you can enjoy cool showers, dips in the ocean, pool parties, strenuous exercise, and more summer fun without worrying about how your lashes are holding up. It’s recommended at Botanica that clients get their extensions filled about every two weeks to ensure that lashes continue to look full and beautiful!
  • Professionally applied eyelash extensions can make your face appear younger. There is nothing we desire more than to appear more youthful and vibrant, especially during the bright, warm summer months. Eyelash extensions draw more positive attention to our eyes, making them appear bigger and brighter, which in turn makes our face appear more sparkling and radiant!
  • Professional eyelash extensions are easy to apply. Lash extensions do not hurt when applied correctly and take between an hour or two to apply, depending on the exact look that you want to achieve. This is far less time than would be spent applying eye makeup on a daily basis, which means you can spend more time enjoying summer activities outside.
  • Professionally applied eyelash extensions can be customized to whatever look you desire. There is definitely no one-size-fits-all mandate when it comes to eyelash extensions, which means you can enjoy the creative process of fashioning whatever summer look you want–and perhaps even two entirely different summer looks (one for the beginning of the summer and one for the end of the summer).

In order to enjoy the many wonderful benefits of eyelash extensions, it is important that you seek out a professional who has training and experience in the field. After all, they must be able to precisely place each individual extension on each individual lash without allowing the lashes to stick together or the bonding agent to touch your eyelid. The correct application of eyelash extensions does not in any way damage your natural eyelashes or impair their growth, which is important to your overall eye health and appearance.

Contact Botanica Day Spa today to learn more about the best kind of eyelash extensions for you and book your appointment with one of our fabulous lash experts! You’ll love the relaxing experience at our spa, but even more, you’ll look back at all of the wonderful summer memories you’ll create and see just how beautiful you are with that extra boost to your lashes!



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