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MassageFollow the Holiday Mayhem with Botanica’s Signature Massage

Follow the Holiday Mayhem with Botanica’s Signature Massage


Nothing can create the necessity for relief like a heavenly massage than following a busy and stressful holiday season into the new year. Being a mother and wife myself, there is no time for a massage than right after the holidays. When you think of all the decorating, shopping, cooking and wrapping, all you want to do is lay back and catch your breath! The exertion of your body from Christmas can do a real number on your muscles and the tension that arises between them.

Signs That You Need a Massage

Treating yourself after a busy season, whether it’s a holiday or hectic time at work or even at home chasing after the kids (especially if they have been home during school break), is always put on the back burner. It can be difficult to pencil in time for a break during the new year and to give yourself a well-needed and deserved treat such as a spa day. However, there are signs that you should never ignore when it comes to your body:

·        Back pain

·        A neck spasm

·        Continuous soreness

·        Headaches

When you push your body past the breaking point, there are natural defensive mechanisms your body will instigate to keep itself protected and alert you to the problems. If you suffer back pain that doesn’t go away after a night’s rest, or you can’t seem to shake a lasting soreness in your back, hips or legs, then you may have stretched yourself too far indeed. Another sign that your body needs relief is headaches, which may not seem like anything unusual, but headaches can occur when your muscles are too tight or a nerve has pinched.

Your body will trigger different signs that are trying to tell you that your body is in trouble. A definite sign you need some R&R is dehydration, especially in these severe winter conditions. Drinking water can become a burden that you neglect when the holidays are approaching and even the post-holiday deflation. Not staying hydrated can make any of these signs much worse and should not be ignored.

Botanica’s Signature Massage

Botanica Day Spa offers a signature massage that could be just what your body is crying out for. Indulge in our amazing signature massage that includes a warm infrared and amethyst blanket, meant to soothe and calm your body inside and out. A hot oil scalp treatment will feel out of this world on your stressed hair and pressure points along the skull. Aromatherapy is a must when you need to unwind and our aroma journey does just that.

And not only do you receive this ultimate relaxation massage, included is an incredible mud treatment and full body scrub! Detox your body from all of the guilty treats and heavy meals of the holiday’s so it doesn’t seem like such a hit to your clean eating. We love to finish off our signature massage with a full body scrub to remove any dead skin cells and impurities leftover from the cold weather and stress. This is truly the ultimate massage for men or women!

I know it can be impossible sometimes to slip away for such a treat, but when your body is making it known, it’s never worth it to deny yourself some relief. The benefits of consistent massage appointments can do absolute wonders for your health and stress levels. Life can get overwhelming at times and a trip to the spa just makes it so much better. It won’t do you any good to always be stressed or frazzled by the juggles of maintaining day to day activities, no matter what your lifestyle may be! Make sure you find that time to visit us at Botanica for a massage or other spa service and bask in that break you definitely deserve!



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