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Could You Use a Massage?

Massage is a great tool not only for helping us feel relaxed but also to address muscular issues. Imagine a rope when it’s unwound, the fibers would lay single file and uncoiled – this ideally would be the way the fibers that make up your muscles would lay in your body. Sometimes, our muscles become irritated and we experience some muscular dysfunction such as:

Tight Muscles

When muscles are overworked and contracted to their max, they can feel tight and wound up. This could be from repetitive motion or from not stretching.

Knotted Muscles

Now take that tight muscle that hasn’t been stretched, and add postural dysfunction (slouching, raised shoulders, neck straining to look at a computer, etc.) From here the muscles can bundle together and stick. Knots will often feel hard and tender.

Trigger Points

These are areas in the body that send pain signals to another part of the body when touched. This is how neck issues can cause headaches, leg issues can cause low back pain and carpal tunnel can be connected to neck and shoulder issues.Much of the pain people feel in their body is actually muscular. Our muscles move our body and protect our bones. It’s important we’re aware of our body’s mobility, take time to stretch and, if possible – get regular massage!

We offer a few different styles of massage:

  • Relaxation – where the main goal is to de-stress the body and help it feel less tense.
  • Therapeutic/Deep Tissue – where we’re a little more focused on addressing knots and trigger points.

Click here to see all the massages we offer.

Call 727.441.1711, if you’d like to schedule something.

Love, Gen

P.S. Often people need more than one massage, especially when they’re trying to address a particular issue. We encourage regular and ongoing massage as the best way to experience results, and thus we offer massage in a package of BUY 5, GET 1 FREE all year round. Treat yo-self! 

We also have a monthly membership to help you make massage a regular part of your wellness routine. Learn more here.

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